Agnipath Recruitment Scheme Launched; Read Eligibility, Salary, and More

New Delhi, 15 June 2022 – The Government of India has launched the Agnipath recruitment scheme on 14 June 2022 to recruit young cadets in the Indian Armed Forces. The scheme is designed in such a way that cadets, called Agniveers, will be recruited for 4 years of service. After this, only 25% of the recruits will be retained for 15 years of permanent service. The soldiers recruited via the Agnipath scheme will get a monthly salary of INR 30,000 to INR 40,000 as well as a Seva Nidhi Package of INR 11.71 lakh upon the completion of the four-year service tenure. 

Agnipath is crafter to usher in more youthful cadets in the armed forces as the average age of Indian soldiers right now is 32 years, which the government wants to bring down to 24-26. The soldiers will also be made more modern, tech-savvy and well-equipped through the scheme. 

On top of that, the scheme also aims to cut down on the increasing salary and pensions bills by half. Announcing the scheme, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh stated, “By slashing the ballooning salary and pension bills, which take up almost half of the annual defence budget, the government hopes to have more money for military modernisation with infusion of cutting-edge technologies. The ploughing back of skilled, disciplined, motivated and patriotic Agniveers into civil society after the four-year military service, would prove to be a great asset and a ‘win-win proposition’ for the nation”.

Note: The application portal for the scheme will soon be opened and candidates can apply by visiting the following websites:


Agnipath Recruitment Scheme: Overview

Scheme Name Agnipath Recruitment Scheme 2022
Launched By Government of India
Launch Date 14 June 2022
Aim To add 46,000 new and young soldiers every year to the Indian Army, Indian Navy, and India Air Force 
Salary INR 30,000 to INR 40,000 per month
Age Limit 17.5 to 21 years
Tenure Four years of service, after which, 25% of soldiers will be retained for 15 years of permanent service

Agnipath Recruitment Scheme: Details

  • Agnipath or Agneepath recruitment scheme has been created for the Indian youth who wish to join the armed forces. 
  • Under the scheme, young soldiers will enter the Indian Army and other armed forces for a period of 4 years. During these 4 years, the recruits would be trained by the armed forces in the skills required and will be called ‘Agniveers’.
  • A total of 46,000 new soldiers would be recruited this way each year. However, whether these recruitment drives will be conducted once or twice a year is still not clear. 
  • As per a recent analysis video by The Print, the recruitments might happen twice a year to lessen the burden on officers who will be training the Agniveers.
  • Out of these, 25% will be retained after 4 years for an additional permanent tenure of 15 years.
  • Others will be allowed to leave and given a Seva Nidhi (Service Fund) of INR 11.71 lakh plus interest, which they can use to fulfill their educational and other dreams. 
  • The 25% selected individuals will be required to serve for an engagement period of minimum 15 years.
  • The ‘Agniveers’ will receive a monthly salary of INR 30,000 to INR 40,000, depending on the year of service (1st to 4th).
  • The Agnipath scheme will also be progressively opened for women cadets based on service requirements.

What is the Eligibility Criteria for Agnipath Recruitment Scheme?

Eligibility Criteria for Agnipath Recruitment Scheme

The enrollment of cadets under the Indian Armed Forces – namely Air Force, Army, and Navy – will be done through an online centralised system. Specialised rallies and campus interviews will be conducted at recognised technical institutes such as Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) and National Skills Qualifications Framework (NFQF) institutes.

Here is the eligibility criteria required for the Agnipath scheme, as per the post and category of recruitment:

Category Education
Soldier General Duty Class 10 passed with 45% marks in aggregate

Not required if the candidate has higher qualification
Soldier Technical Class 12 passed in Science stream with Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and English
Soldier Clerk/StoreKeeper (Technical) Class 12 passed in any stream (Arts, Commerce, or Science) with 50% marks in aggregate and minimum 40% marks in each subject

Weightage will also be given for higher qualification
Soldier Nursing Assistant Class 12 passed in Science stream with Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English 

Minimum 50% marks required in aggregate and minimum 40% in each subject. 

Soldier Tradesman Not Mentioned
General Duties Non Matric
Specified Duties Non Matric

What is the Category-Wise Age Limit for Agnipath Recruitment Scheme?

The age limit for ‘Agniveers’ is as follows:

Category Age
Soldier General Duty 17.5 – 21 Years
Soldier Technical 17.5 – 21 Years
Soldier Clerk/StoreKeeper (Technical) 17.5 – 21 Years
Soldier Nursing Assistant 17.5 – 21 Years
Soldier Tradesman 17.5 – 21 Years
General Duties 17.5 – 21 Years
Specified Duties 17.5 – 21 Years

Agnipath Recruitment Scheme – Details of Salary & Other Benefits

  • New recruits will receive a monthly package of INR 30,000 to INR 40,000. 
  • This package will be increased from INR 4.76 lakh per annum in the first year to INR 6.92 lakh per annum in the fourth year of service.
  • The Agnipath scheme recruits will get benefits such as risk and hardship allowances.
  • Further, they will receive a non-contributory insurance cover of INR 48 lakh during their service period.
  • After 4 years of service, the soldiers will get the Seva Nidhi Package. 
  • On completion of service, the yearly package will be worth around INR 11.7 lakh including contribution and interest. 
  • All Agniveers will contribute 30% of their salary to monthly emoluments and a matching amount will be contributed by the government, which will be entirely exempted from income tax.
  • Benefits will also include disability compensation based on government guidelines

What is the Eligibility Criteria for Agnipath Recruitment Scheme

Agnipath Recruitment Scheme – Salary Breakdown

The salary of Agniveers will be increased each year. Here is a breakdown of the payscale for all Indian Armed Forces recruits through the Agnipath recruitment scheme

Year of Service Customised Monthly Package  In-Hand Salary (70%) Contribution to Agniveer Corpus Fund (30%) Contribution to Corpus Fund by Gov.
1st Year INR 30000 INR 21000 INR 9000 INR 9000
2nd Year INR 33000 INR 23100 INR 9900 INR 9900
3rd Year INR 36500 INR 25580 INR 10950 INR 10950
4th Year INR 40000 INR 28000 INR 12000 INR 12000
Total Contribution to Corpus Fund INR 5.02 Lakh INR 5.02 Lakh


What is the Agnipath recruitment scheme 2022?

Agnipath is a pan-India short-term service recruitment scheme for the Indian Armed Forces. Recruits will be known as ‘Agniveers’ and will serve for 4 years in the Navy, Army, and Air Force.

Who is eligible to apply for the Agnipath recruitment process?

Candidates who have passed Class 10 and Class 12 (required as per service category) and are aged between 17.5 and 21 years can apply.

Can women apply for recruitment under the Agnipath scheme?

Women will be progressively inducted into the armed forces as per the scheme. However, for now, only men can apply.

How much salary will Agniveers get from the government?

The starting annual package will be INR 4.76 lakh, which will be increased to INR 6.92 lakh by the fourth year of service.

When can I apply for recruitment under the scheme?

The scheme was announced quite recently on 14 June 2022. Thus, the application portal has not been opened yet. That being said, the recruitment is scheduled to begin soon.

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