IGNOU Calendar 2023 June Exam Dates Out, Exam from July

New Delhi, 27 May 2022 – The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) has announced the IGNOU calendar 2022 June exam dates. The June term-end exams (TEE) will be held from July 22 to September 5. These will include undergraduate (UG), postgraduate (PG), and backlog exams as well.

IGNOU has noted that this is a tentative date sheet and might change in due time. The university has also noted that the β€œportal for online submission of examination form for June 2022 term-end examination will be opened in due course.”Β 

Candidates can check the exam dates at the official website – ignou.ac.in.Β 

University Name Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)
Exam Name IGNOU June Term End Examination 2022 (TEE 2022)
IGNOU TEE Start Date July 22, 2022
IGNOU TEE End Date September 5, 2022
Exams for Courses Undergraduate (UG), Postgraduate (PG), and Backlog exams
Official Website ignou.ac.in

IGNOU Calendar 2022 June Exam Dates – Programme-Wise Schedule

The IGNOU TEE exams will be held in two shifts – morning and evening. The morning shift will be conducted from 10 am to 1 pm. The evening shift will be conducted from 2 pm to 5 pm.Β 

Here is a programme-wise breakdown of the June exam date sheet:

Date Morning Evening
July 22 MAW001/ DECE01/BNS041/BPYC131/ BSOE144 MTT033/MMPC014/ MIO005/BECE002/BHIC134
July 23 ECO08/BCOE108/ MFP04/DECE02/BNS042/ MAW002/BMTE141/BMTC131 CHE06/BPY012/MTT031/BSOC134/BHDE141
July 25 ECO09/MAW003/DECE03/BESC131/BESE141 MVA023/MTT032/BEGC134/BHDE143
July 26 MAW004/BGDG172/BEGG172/ BPAG172/BPCG172/BPYG172 BPSE212/BPAG174/BEGG174/BPCG174/BHDG174
July 27 MER004/TS06/MTE08/BECC132/BEGG171/BPAG171/BPCG171/ BSOG171/BABG171/BPYG171 CHE04/ESO14/MVA02/MMPC007/MIO002/BPAG173/BPCG173/ BHDG173/BSOG173/BEGG173
July 28 FST01/BMTC132/BPAS186/BPCS188/BEGS186/BCOS186 MMPC013/MIO004/BPAC134/BESC132/BSOE145
July 29 MCO01/ MHD07/ MPSE03/ MSOE03/ MEC007/ MLIE101/MGPE009/ MFN007/ MSWE010/ MES101/ MES111/ MES131/MES041/ MAE001/ MWG007/ MWG010/ MTT016/ MJM026/MS07/ MS495/ MED007/ MLI007/ MSEI023/ MIP107/MEVE002/ MEDS005/ BCS051/ MPYE006/ MWR002/RBC005/ RCHE001/ RGGE103/ RGYE114/AED01/ BEG006/ BES017/ BFEE103/ BHC015/ BHME103/BNS031/ BNS115/ BPOI005/ BPOI105/BWEE004/ DCE05/CIT002/ MGY001/ MIR012/ MSW031 / MVE004/ BNRI104/BPVI034/ BRL010/ES344/ BPVI044/ BPVI023/BHIC131/ BCOC133/ BGYCT133/ BTMC134/ BECC104/BHIC103/ BPSC103/ BECE146/ BPCC112/ BPSC114 MEG07/ MPCE011/ MPCE021/ MPCE031/ MPA007/ MPA017/ MANE002/MRDE101/ MCFT007/ MSW014/ MDE416/ MTM07/ MTTM07/ MEVE14/MDV105/ MGSE002/ MMT006/ MSTE002/ MSD017/ MBP007/ MCS22/RANE102/RPCE105/RSOE004/AEC01/ BAB102/ / BSW042/ BSWE001/ MEV025/ TS07/ BSMA002/ OSEI044/BSSI015/BHT006/ ECO07/ BES142 /BPAC107/ BSOC107/ BANC108/ BBCCT115/ BEGC108/ BHDC108/ BPSC133/BGYCT137

Note: To see the entire IGNOU calendar 2022 June exam dates, please click here.

IGNOU Calendar 2022 July Session Re-Registration Begins

IGNOU has also started the re-registration process for the IGNOU July TEE 2022 session. Candidates who were unable to apply for the session before can now register by June 30.Β 

To register, students need to visit the official website and choose the certificates, diplomas, undergraduate programmes, postgraduate programmes, postgraduate certificates (PG certificate), or postgraduate diplomas (PGD) of their choice.Β 

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What will the IGNOU June TEE exams be conducted?

The exams will start from July 22 and will conclude on September 5.

From where can I download the June exams date sheet?

The June TEE exam date sheet can be downloaded by visiting ignou.ac.in.

When and where can I register for the IGNOU July TEE 2022 session?

Candidates can register for the July session till June 30 by visiting the official website.

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