RMS – After NDA, Rashtriya Military Schools to Allow Female Candidature

New Delhi, 10 March 2022: The Ministry of Defense has issued an affidavit, approved by the Supreme Court of India, that states a change in the rules for an all male-candidature system at the Rashtriya Military School (RMS). As per the Supreme Court, the Ministry of Defense is requested to make preparations to initiate the admission process that includes female candidates for the 2023 academic year. This means, girl candidates can now appear for the RMS entrance examination and get admission into military schools.

As per the official notification, female candidates will now be eligible for admission from Class 6 onwards in the Rashtriya Military Schools.

Note: Earlier this year, the top court allowed women to appear for the NDA exam as well as for the RIMC examination for the June 2022 academic session.

RMS – Ministry of Defense Declares Additional Vacancies

The Ministry of Defense has declared a requirement of additional vacancies and seats for female candidates in military colleges and schools. As per sources, female candidates will now be eligible to apply for the RMS entrance test scheduled for June 2022. The ministry further maintained a reservation of about 10 percent of the total number of vacancies for female candidates. This is for admission for classΒ  6th to class 9th as per reservations applicable under session 2023-24.Β 

The RMS infrastructure will also be upgraded in consideration of female candidates by hiring female staff. The infrastructure is said to be modified in a way that benefits female candidates and ensures their security and privacy.

No. of Seats to be Increased for Female Candidates

  • The total number of seats will now be increased to accommodate female candidates in two phases. The first phase will ensure that seats are increased from an already existing 250 seats to 300 seats in total.Β 
  • In the second phase, the seats will be increased from 300 to a total of 350.Β 

Note: Previously, only male candidates were eligible to join the Indian Defense Forces. The recent move will ensure that Indian defense forces will become one of those institutions that promote gender diversity.


Can girls join in RIMC and RIMS?

Yes, girls can join Rashtriya Indian Military College (RIMC) and Rashtriya Military Schools (RMS), but not at present. This is because the Ministry of Defence is currently busy preparing for the admission process of female candidates for the academic year 2023. As soon as the process is complete, the Ministry of Defence would announce the commencement date of the RMS entrance examination, which is expected to begin from June 2022.

How many seats are allotted for girls in RIMC?

As per the latest reports, the total number of seats for female candidates will be increased from 550 to 650. The process will take place in 2 phases. In the first phase, the existing 250 seats will be increased to 300 seats, where 5 girls will be inducted every 6 months. Similarly, in the second phase, the capacity will be increased from 300 to 350 seats where 10 girls will be inducted every 6 months.

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How do I join RMS?

Be it a male or female student, they have to sit for the RMS entrance examination and pass the interview test to get admission to the Rashtriya Military School.

When can a female student join RMS?

Female students can join RMS as early as Class 6. There is no other provision for girl students to join in higher classes.

What should be the age limit of girl students who want to get admissions in Class 6 in the Sainik Schools?

The age limit of the girl students must be between 10-12 years as on 31st March 2022. She must be born between 1st April 2010 and 31st March 2012 (including both days) to get admission for the academic year 2022-23.

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