IAF Ordered by Military Court to Allow Jawans to Join Civil Services

New Delhi, 29 March 2022: The military court has issued an order asking the Indian Air Force (IAF) to permit applicants who have qualified UPSC and state-level PSC examinations to join civil services without the requirement of an ‘A’ category grade skill.

In a recent incident, the Indian Air Force refused to allow jawans who had qualified for the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) examination and State Civil Services examination, to quit the service and serve as Class I officers. After the jawans moved to military court, the Armed Forces Tribunal ordered the Indian Air Force to permit the jawan to join the civil services within two weeks.

Justice Rajendra Menon, Principal Bench of the Armed Forces Tribunal (AFT), told the Indian Air Force to make changes in its rules and regulations to permit jawans seeking to apply for grade ‘A’ services outside of the Air Force.

IAF Ordered to Allow Jawan to Join UPSC – Case Highlights 

  • Sergeant Kuldeep Vibhuti and Corporal Ayush Maurya filed a case via counsel Ankur Chhibber in the military court. Ayush Maurya had qualified for the UPSC civil services examination in the year 2021 and Kuldeep Vibhuti had passed the state-level examination conducted by the Bihar Government. However, the IAF declined to let them quit the Air Force and join civil services.
  • The jawans moved to the military court and the counsel addressed in the plea that the appellants had initially tried to seek permission online but could not do so since only personnel with an ‘A’ category grade skill are allowed. 
  • Corporal Ayush Maurya attempted and qualified for the UPSC examination and was supposed to seek admission to the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration in December 2021.
  • However, when the appellant filed for an application offline, he was not granted a ‘No Objection Certificate’ by the Indian Air Force stating that the corporal did not seek prior approval for a civilian job.
  • Furthermore, counsel Chhibber addressed that the Delhi High Court had previously turned down the requirement for possessing an ‘A’ category grade skill, therefore, permitting personnel to seek employment in the civilian sector. Due to this, the military court has now allowed the appellants to join civil services and ordered the IAF to amend its regulations to allow others to join civil services, whenever required.

Final Order by the Military Court

In light of the recent arguments, the military court said, “we find adequate merit in both pleas and the same is therefore allowed, and we, therefore, allow the respondents to issue necessary ‘No Objection Certificates’ to both the applicants within two weeks since the date of the order”.

The military court also asked the respondents to issue a necessary discharge order for both the applicants in order to allow them to join the job. The Indian Air Force is also required to review their order, regulations, and issue amendments to facilitate applicants seeking permission without an ‘A’ category skill grade. The Indian Air Force is also required to modify their online application system and provide an option of seeking prior approval.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are jawans allowed to apply for jobs in the civilian sector?

Yes, candidates can apply for jobs in the civilian sector but they must have qualified for either the UPSC or the state-level PSC examinations.

Can candidates apply without having prior approval from the IAF?

No, the candidates must seek prior permission from the IAF or a ‘No Objection Certificate’ from the same in order to apply for a civilian job.

Can a candidate still apply without an ‘A’ category grade skill?

Yes, a candidate may apply without an ‘A’ category grade skill but they must ensure that they have prior approval/NOC from the IAF.

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