RRB NTPC Exam – Revised Normalisation Formula Released

Recently, the Railway Recruitment Board released the revised normalisation formula for the candidates awaiting the upcoming RRB NTPC exams.Β 

upcoming RRB NTPC exams

Note: As per the recent notification, RRB NTPC exams will begin from 28th December 2020.

Just a few days before the Prelims exam, this news has created a hubbub amongst the candidates who have no idea what to expect from this new normalisation formula. In general, RRB uses the normalisation formula to provide a fair assessment to the candidates. It involves the score of the candidate, the mean and the standard deviation of the score as the parameters.Β 

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Check the Old Normalization Formula

After the revision of the old normalisation formula, aspiring candidates now have to calculate the scores using the new normalisation formula which is as follows:

new normalisation formula

Instead of the standard (up to 2 decimal places), now the calculation of marks will be up to 5 decimal places.Β 

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How Will the New Normalization Formula Affect the Candidates?

In the older formula, the calculation used to be based on all the exam sessions conducted on different days. It is a fact that no session has the same outcome. Thus, weightage given to each shift of the examination is bound to vary/fluctuate. And so, when marks were calculated as per the old normalisation formula, a few candidates received additional 30 to 40 marks.Β 

There were also instances with the old formula when the certain students ended up scoring 115 – 120 marks out of 100. Besides, cases also came to light where candidates deserving excellent scores (based on their exam) got 30 to 40 marks less than what they should actually get in the RRB NTPC exam.Β 

Considering all the aspects highlighted above and to remove the confusion, RRB revised the normalization process and published it on the official RRB NTPC website as Corrigendum 3. As per the revised normalization formula, the calculations will be based on both shifts and sessions. Although there will be gaps in marks (increase or decrease of marks out of 100), it won’t be higher as what was the outcome with the previous normalization formula. The marks gap could be as high as 5 or 6 marks. This is surely considered a better option.Β 

Candidates need to understand that this normalization process won’t make their path to reach the final selection process easier or difficult. The process will remain quite similar to the one followed with the previous normalization process. But this will positively affect the marking system of the candidates, and they will get only the score that they truly deserve.

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Example to Understand RRB NTPC Revised Normalisation Process

Out of 100 questions, if a candidate attempts 60, and 6 among them is wrong, the positive marking will be for 54 correct answers.Β 

So, the positive marks will be 54 and negative marks will be 2. The net score will be 54 subtracted by 2,Β  which will give the score 52.

The Raw score out of 100 will be calculated as 52/98×100, which will be 53.06.

If you still have queries on Normalization of Marks or wish to check the calculation in detail, Click Here.Β Β 

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