NEET 2023 – Abhyaas Mock Test Series Available for Aspirants

New Delhi, 18 May 2022: For the first time, four of Indiaโ€™s top National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) educators have decided to take out a special two-part printed NEET 2022 mock test papers (20 mock papers) on the exact structure, pattern, and difficulty level. The mock papers are named the NEET 2022 Abhyas mock test series and the experts collating them have the experience of training NEET meritorious students in the past 5 years and have helped many students cross the 650 mark cutoff.

Reasons for Introducing NEET Mock Test Papers 2022

  • NEET-UG aspirants are urging the National Testing Agency (NTA) to postpone NEET 2022 for better preparation.ย 
  • Students are facing genuine pressure from Central Universities Entrance Test (CUET), board examinations, Joint Entrance Examinations (JEE), and National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET), along with parents’ expectations of students.ย 
  • Droppers, especially those who missed the cut-off in counseling by a few marks, are left with less time to prepare now.
  • Unavailability of genuine mock papers, books, or content in the market on the exact difficulty level, the format of the exam, and paper pattern have rendered students even more confused.ย 
  • There is also a lack of clarity on the difficulty level of the NEET 2022 exam.

NEET Mock Test Papers 2022 – Aims

  • The reason for the Introduction of multiple subject NEET experts together (including Educart) to print the special series for students lies in giving them the best practice and real experience of the exam.ย 
  • The aim is also to ensure that students are able to increase their marks by 30% in the last few weeks by practicing from the special Abhyaas series.

NEET Mock Test Papers 2022 – Strategy and Prediction

  • NEET July 2022 paper will be lengthy.ย 
  • Candidates need to practice time management skills as they are required to attempt 180 questions in just 200 minutes.
  • Calculation and tricky questions have to be solved in less than a minute.
  • Mock papers are necessary to identify where students stand and how much can be scored in 200 minutes.ย 
  • There is also a per subject time management strategy given inside the mock paper series to help students in structuring their pace of attempt.
  • Candidates will have internal choices of 5 MCQs in each subject of Section B.ย 
  • The choices are introduced for the first time as most school boards reduced their syllabi for the current academic year.

NEET Mock Test Papers 2022 – Mentors

  • Pranav Pundarik and Garima Goel are Biology Gurus with more than 2 lac students mentored in the last 5 years.ย 
  • Ravi Prakash is a Chemistry expert with more than three books already published.
  • Overall, they have helped more than 90,000 students clear NEET so far.
  • Along with Educart as the reputed publisher in NEET and CUET category, they have printed loose booklets style mock papers with official OMR sheets to help simulate the real exam experience and have given the exact pattern practice.
  • All types of MCQs from diagram-based, to labeling-based, match the following types, tricky conceptual MCQs, and table-based MCQs are included as per the exact expected NEET paper.ย 
  • No book in the market has clarity on the exact difficulty level and pattern so far.
  • The quality of these mock papers is close to the official paper due to the involvement of experts in their respective subjects.ย 
  • This will have a real major impact on a studentโ€™s NEET score once she/he practices sincerely from these bunch of mock paper booklets.
  • OMR sheets with each mock paper are also given to test to learn the technique of attempting the paper correctly.ย 


  • Doubt-solving sessions are also given for students who get these mock papers series, for free via Telegram.
  • Such mock tests, in collaboration with Educart, aim to help the students focus on their scores, with final practice from the right material.


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