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JEE Main Last Week Preparation Tips – Planning and Execution

JEE Main is regarded as one of the most prominent engineering entrance exams in India, and rightly so, as it paves the way for candidates who aspire to pursue B.Tech, B.Arch or B.Planning from coveted institutes like NITs, IIIT’s and CFTIs. With a total of 9.41 lakh student registrations for JEE Mains 2019 exams and around 9.34 lakh for JEE Main 2020, this exam is a tough nut to crack! However, it has been proven time and again that candidates who show discipline and prepare a systematic schedule for preparation are eventually the ones who succeed. 

This year, the National Testing Agency (NTA) will conduct the JEE Main 2020 April session from 1st September to 6th September 2020. While the students have plenty of time to prepare due to the postponement of these dates, we understand that there can be many factors in the currently difficult times that might hamper your preparations. Hence, we’ve given some tips and tricks in this article that the candidates can execute in a week before the JEE Main exam to score well. 

Point to note: From 2019 onwards, candidates can attempt the JEE Main twice in a year, once in January and again in April. This new rule will give a chance to the students to re-look at their previous mistakes and improve for a better performance in the forthcoming exam.  

Latest Updates

  • HRD Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal  announced that the JEE Main 2020 (April session) exams will now be conducted from 1st to 6th September 2020.
  • HRD Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal  announced that the JEE Advanced will now be conducted on the 27th September 2020. Candidates who pass the JEE Main are termed eligible to appear for the JEE Advanced. JEE Advanced is the gateway to get admissions in the esteemed IITs (Indian Institute of Technology).

This article would emphasize on all the essential tips which must be followed by the JEE Main applicants just a week prior to the exam.

Tip 1: Revise and Stick to your Strengths

Practicing new and miscellaneous problems is the last thing you would want to do when the JEE Main is knocking at the door! The best possible thing any candidate can do is ‘revise’ the topics which he/she has already covered. It is crucial to make the most of what you have prepared so far. Practising “out of the box” problems just before the exam would inevitably disturb your preparation. Candidates must stick to the basics and revise the important topics, formulas and theory of the essential topics. Remember: You must revise and analyze where you are lacking, but at the same time make sure to not waste time being stuck on one topic. The time is less and you must make the most of the remaining time!

Tip 2: Solve Previous Year Question Papers & Mock Tests

This is the best “reality check” that candidates can give to themselves. Solving previous year question papers would help them evaluate their own preparation. This is the best way to judge your own strengths and weaknesses. As the exam format for the JEE Main has changed from 2020, candidates must try and solve relevant practice mock tests. Try and solve as many questions as you can without looking at the clock (initially), and then gradually enhance your speed of solving the questions and you will be ready for the exam! This is one of the ideal JEE Main last week preparation tips. Remember: This practice would not only increase your efficiency but it would work wonders as far as your accuracy is concerned. 

JEE Main Question Papers ( 2019)

Exam Question Paper
B.Arch/B.Planning ( 8th Jan, Morning Shift) Click Here
B.Arch/B.Planning ( 8th Jan, Afternoon Shift) Click Here
B.E/B.Tech ( 9th Jan,Morning Shift) Click Here
B.E/B.Tech ( 9th Jan, Afternoon Shift ) Click Here
B.E/B.Tech ( 8th April, Morning Shift ) Click Here

JEE Main Question Papers – January Session (2020)

Exam Question Paper
B.Arch/B.Planning ( 6th Jan, Morning Shift) Click Here
B.E/B.Tech ( 7th Jan,Morning Shift) Click Here
B.E/B.Tech ( 8th Jan,Morning Shift) Click Here
B.E/B.Tech ( 8th Jan, Afternoon Shift) Click Here
B.E/B.Tech ( 9th Jan,Morning Shift) Click Here

JEE Main Sample Papers – ( Numerical Answer Based Questions)

Subject Sample Paper
Physics Click Here
Chemistry Click Here
Mathematics Click Here

Remember:  Eligible candidates may also download the mock test papers from the official website using their login credentials including login ID, password and date of birth.

Also, Glance through the 1 month preparation tips for JEE Main Article- Click Here

Tip 3: Plan and Execute

Cracking entrance exams is not everyone’s cup of tea! You must prepare a plan to approach the exam, otherwise you may end up in a hopeless situation. Make sure that you prepare a plan which includes considerations like: 

  • Which section of the JEE Main exam to attempt first?
  • Which section of the exam is difficult?
  • Which section of the exam is time consuming?
  • Which section would yield more marks?

Try and solve the practice papers accordingly and you would be able to know how good your preparation is. Also, you must analyze your weakness and give at least half an hour extra (in a day) to these particular topics. Don’t panic if you are getting stuck in some topics and just make sure that you’re making up for your weaknesses in whatever you have practiced till now.  Candidates must back their instincts and believe in their potential. Remember: You will only make things worse if you are emphasizing more on the less covered topics than the ones you have covered to the depth.

Get the detailed information regarding the JEE Main Exam Pattern, Click Here

Tip 4: Don’t get bogged down

This is psychologically the most crucial factor which often creates a difference between a good performance and an average performance. Don’t get bogged down by the burden of expectations or the burden of competition, just trust the hard work you have put in and you would certainly extract the best out of yourself. Remember: A candidate can give the JEE Main exam 6 times over a period of three consecutive years. Within a year, a candidate can appear for JEE Main twice in the months of January and April. So there’s always a next time!

Tip 5: Eat healthy and do some exercise

Sitting in front of the books for the whole day is definitely not a solution! If you listen to the interviews of toppers ‘they would recommend to not study more than 4 hours straight’. Try and mix up other things in your schedule like eating healthy things like walnuts, avocados and apple. Make sure that you are well hydrated as well, this would help you stay focused for longer periods. If you feel the “stress factor” do some yoga exercises or go for a brisk walk outside. This would certainly help you maintain a healthy balance and you would be ready to give your best!  Remember: Exhaustion will lead to a reduction in your ability to study efficiently. Hence, make sure that you take a break for rest and relaxation. 

JEE Main last week preparation tips – Basic Topics to Revise 7 Days before the Exam Day

There are some basic topics in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry which can be easily covered and revised by the candidates without any hassles. It is advised that you should give at least 2 hours to each subject while emphasizing on these (comparatively) easier topics, one week prior to the JEE Main. These are:


  • Sequence & Series
  • Quadratic Equations
  • Vectors & 3D
  • Statistics
  • Mathematical Reasoning
  • Height and Distance


  • Elasticity
  • Thermal Expansion
  • Gravitation
  • Semiconductors
  • Surface Tensions and Viscosity
  • Units and Dimensions
  • Heat Transfer
  • Instruments (Vernier caliper, Screw gauge)


  • Atomic Structure
  • Periodic Table
  • Mole concept
  • States of Matter
  • p block & s block
  • Formulas ( Carboxylic Acids, phenol, Ether, Alcohol)

RememberIn past few years, questions from these topics have constantly appeared in the JEE Main. Thus, it is crucial to revise these topics firmly at least a week prior to the JEE Main.

JEE Main last week preparation tips – Strategy to attempt JEE Main

Following are some of the points which would help you to attempt the JEE Main in a strategic way –

  • Time management for the JEE Main – The exam duration of JEE Main Paper 1 is 3 hours (180 minutes). During the exam, you can divide your time in the following manner: Chemistry – 40 minutes, Mathematics – 60 minutes and Physics – 50 minutes. You may use the remaining 30 minutes for going through the answer sheet and make changes if required.
  • As per the experts, Chemistry is a comparatively  easier section.Hence, try and secure as many marks as you can in this section. This section should not take more than 45 minutes to complete.
  • Try and attempt the easier sections/questions first.
  • Do not get stuck in complex questions from the mathematics and physics section; if you are not able to solve, proceed with the next one.
  • Try to manage the time for the newly introduced “Numerical answer based questions”. Objective-type questions should be done in comparatively less time.
  • Do not attempt the question paper recklessly. It will hamper your chances of qualifying.

JEE Main last week preparation tips – FAQs

How can I prepare for JEE Main 7 days before the exam?

The best JEE Main last week preparation tips include ‘revising the JEE Main topics that you have covered without trying to indulge in new and miscellaneous topics’. Also, solve previous years’ question papers and mock tests.

What should I do two weeks before the JEE Main?

Two weeks before the JEE Main exam date, you must revise the important formulas and topics without creating any stress or panic. Just back your instincts and think positive rather than worrying about the consequences.

How to relax myself just a week before the JEE Main?

You must eat healthy, listen to calming music and sleep for at least 7-8 hours daily. Make sure that you do not panic. You may go for a brisk walk in short intervals or do some inhaling-exhaling exercises as well. This would not only keep you calm and composed but would also ensure a good mental state before the JEE Main exam day.

What books are best to study before 1 week from JEE Main?

You must revise important topics and formulas only from NCERT. If you study from many books just a week before the exam, it will perplex you. Thus, stick to the basics and trust your preparations.

Should I go to the coaching center 2 days before the JEE Main?

No. You should just do a basic revision at home and take appropriate rest. Messing up things just a couple of days before the JEE Main exam would not be a good idea.

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