Indian Railway Recruitment 2023 – EQ Test Compulsory for Top 36 Posts

New Delhi, 28 June 2022 Indian Railway Recruitment 2022 – To ensure that the most qualified candidates are selected, the Indian Railway has decided to implement an emotional quotient (EQ) test for the recruitment of its top 36 posts like General Manager, Chairman, Member, among others. The EQ test will be a mandatory requirement for all candidates who wish to appear for Indian Railway recruitment drives for officer class (top 36) posts. 

The test will be made mandatory for selection of 36 top railway posts, as a part of the Indian Railway’s new empanelment process. Candidates will have to appear for the online EQ test of about 15-20 minutes, which will be used to assess the aspirants’ personality and role fitness.

Indian Railway Recruitment 2022 – EQ Test Overview

Recruitment Drive Name Indian Railway Recruitment 2022
Recruiting Organization  Indian Railways
Job Type Government Job
Latest Announcement  Top 36 Posts in Railways to Have a Compulsory EQ Test
Test Duration  15 to 20 Minutes
Aim of the Test To Assess the Aspirants’ Personality and Role Fitness
Indian Railway Recruitment 2022 Official Website

Indian Railway Recruitment 2022 – EQ Test Details

  • In May 2022, the Indian Railways decided to merge seven secretary-level posts as well as 29 high-level posts to create the Indian Railway Management Service (IRMS) as the top railway hierarchy. 
  • The resolution’s annexure contains a guideline mentioning that for further top-level Railway recruitment processes, there would be a ‘psychometric assessment’ to judge emotional intelligence of applicants. 
  • This will also take into account their appraisal reports and feedback from peers.
  • The EQ test would then be conducted to assess the personality of an officer on five scales: self-perception, self-expression, interpersonal skills, decision-making, and stress management.
  • This is to be done because some high-level officer posts come with high-voltage field work, while others are more administrative/desk jobs.
  • Both types of jobs require high EQ to succeed as well as excel in. 
  • Thus, the EQ test is now made mandatory for the top 36 posts in the Indian Railways. 
  • The online test will be administered for the first time in the upcoming empanelment process to fill up 12 vacant posts of general managers (GMs). 
  • The test scores will then determine whether the selected officer would be posted for operations or in an administrative job.

Important Update: 

The Indian Railway Recruitment 2022 Northeast Frontier Railway process is currently going on and will conclude on 30 June. Click here to know more.

Indian Railway Recruitment 2022 – What is EQ?

Emotional Quotient (EQ) refers to the ability to perceive, control, and evaluate emotions. This could be the ability to evaluate one’s own emotions or the emotions of friends, family members, co-workers, and others. This further helps one understand, interpret, and respond to the emotions of others.

Psychologists also refer to this ability as emotional intelligence (EI) and several experts claim that EQ can be even more important than IQ* for one’s overall success in life.

* – IQ, or Intelligence Quotient, is a measure of one’s reasoning ability. It gauges how well someone can use information and logic to answer questions or make predictions. 

Indian Railway Recruitment 2022 - What is EQ

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What is the latest announcement by Indian Railways?

The Indian Railways has announced that an emotional quotient (EQ) test will now be mandatory for top-level posts.

Which posts will the EQ test be mandatory for?

The emotional quotient (EQ) test will be mandatory for the top 36 posts in the railways, including that of general manager (GM), member, chairman, among others.

Where can I apply for Indian Railway recruitment?

Candidates can apply by visiting

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