IIT Admission 2023 – Female Enrolment Rises After Addition of New Seats

25 November 2022, New Delhi, IIT Admission 2022 – As per the official sources, the introduction of supernumerary female seats in Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), has led to an increase in the enrollment of girls in the colleges.


In 2016, 8% of all seats were confirmed for women candidates to take admission into IITs. Later in 2017, only 995 girl candidates, i.e., 9% of all seats, were allotted to women candidates to take admission to IITs.Β 

IIT Admission 2022 – More Details

Till present, 23 Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) have verified the admission of up to 3310 girls, with the allocation of 16635 seats.Β 


“The proper way to compare the number of girls applying to IITs would be to look at the situation prior to the introduction of the female supernumerary seats. Girls were still eligible back then, but the availability of female supernumerary seats has increased the number of girls who have confirmed their admission to IITs,” said Shalabh, Dean of academic affairs at IIT Kanpur.Β 

IIT Admission 2022 – Situation Earlier

  • The female supernumerary quota for IIT admissions was implemented in 2018 as a result of the committee’s recommendations, which were led by Timothy Gonsalves, the former director of IIT Mandi.Β 
  • This initiative is referred to as “the required small push,” which was designed to balance out the gender ratio in IIT campuses, primarily populated by boys.Β 
  • Under the female supernumerary quota, more seats were created for girls rather than reserving spots in the already-existing pool.
  • The percentage of female supernumerary seats increased to 19% in 2019–20 from 14% at the start of the academic year 2018–19.
  • As per the official reports, by 2021–2022, there were a total of 20% female supernumerary seats at all IITs.


  • With 3213 girls confirming their seats, the IITs achieved the target of 20% of girls in new admissions for the first time.Β 

IIT Admission 2022 – Way Ahead

“This is a considerable rise, especially when compared to the years before the introduction of female supernumerary seats. Before the introduction of such an initiative, the total number of seats allocated to girls never exceeded the threshold of 10% of the overall seat allotment. This was intended to be corrected, as a result of which the growth in the number of female supernumerary seats has succeeded. The goal is to eventually eliminate the female supernumerary seats while maintaining the high number of female applicants at IITs. However, the process is steady and unhurried and is now moving in the right direction,” said V Ramgopal Rao, former director of IIT Delhi.

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IIT Admission 2022 – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When was the female supernumerary quota introduced?

Ans. The female supernumerary quota for admission to IITs was introduced in 2018.

What is the ratio of girls in IITs?

Ans. A 20% rise in the total number of girls in IITs has been reported after the introduction of a supernumerary quota for admissions.

Is there any female quota at IIT?

Ans. Yes, IITs have introduced a supernumerary female quota this year after a gap of four consecutive years.

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