IISER Aptitude Test Syllabus – Section-wise Topics, Exam Pattern, Books

Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) conducts the IISER Aptitude Test (IAT) for candidates seeking admission in BS-MS degree programme at different IISER campuses. Candidates, who apply through SCB channel, have to appear for IAT. IISER designs the question paper as per the IAT syllabus. IISER Aptitude Test is divided into four sections namely: 

  1. Biology 
  2. Physics 
  3. Chemistry 
  4. Mathematics 

The question paper of IISER Aptitude Test 2022 will include a total of 60 questions (15 from each of the above-stated sections). Read further to get comprehensive knowledge about IISER Aptitude Test syllabus and test structure along with expert preparation tips.   

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IISER Aptitude Test Syllabus – Key Highlights

  1. Indian Institute of Science Education and Research holds the rights to prescribe/amend the IISER Aptitude Test syllabus 
  2. As per the IISER syllabus and exam pattern, all the four sections of IAT (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology) have an equal weightage of 15 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) each 
  3. IISER Aptitude Test is conducted in the online mode and candidates are given three hours to solve the test paper 
  4. As per the marking scheme, 3 marks are credited for each correct answer while 1 mark is deducted for each incorrect response
  5. IISER Aptitude Test syllabus majorly comprises the topics from the NCERT textbooks of 10+2 level. 

IISER Aptitude Test Syllabus – Section-Wise Syllabus

As stated above, candidates have to prepare for four sections as per the IISER Aptitude Test syllabus. The IAT syllabus for all the four sections will have multiple topics based on the curriculum of class 11th and 12th. Candidates must study all the topics thoroughly to give their best shot in IAT. Aspirants can find the IISER Aptitude Test syllabus for all the sections – Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology illustrated below. 

IISER Aptitude Test Syllabus – IAT Mathematics Syllabus

Candidates need to study as many as 27 topics (given below) to cover the IAT mathematics syllabus. 

IISER Aptitude Test Mathematics Syllabus 

Sets Permutations and Combinations Mathematical Reasoning Integrals
Relations and functions Binomial Theorem Statistics Applications of integrals
Trigonometric Functions Sequences and Series Probability Differential equations
Inverse Trigonometric Functions Straight Lines Matrices Vectors
Principle of Mathematical Induction Conic Sections Determinants Three dimensional geometry
Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations Introduction to Three Dimensional Geometry Continuity and Differentiability Linear Programming
Linear Inequalities Limits and Derivatives Application of Derivatives

IISER Aptitude Test Syllabus – IAT Physics Syllabus

Candidates need to have a grip over all the 23 topics mentioned below to perform exceptionally well in the Physics section of the IISER Aptitude Test. The table below mentions the names of topics under the IAT Physics syllabus.

IISER Aptitude Test Physics Syllabus 

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Properties of bulk matter Physical World and Measurement Magnetic effect of current and magnetism Nuclei
Thermodynamics Kinematics Electromagnetic Induction Electronic devices
The behaviour of perfect gas and kinetic energy Laws of Motion Alternating Current Communication Systems
Oscillations Work, Energy and Power Electromagnetic Waves Atoms
Waves The motion of Systems of Particles and Rigid body Optics Current Electricity
Electrostatics Gravitation Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter

IISER Aptitude Test Syllabus – IAT Chemistry Syllabus

Names of all the 30 topics as per the official IAT syllabus for Chemistry are as follows.

IISER Aptitude Test Chemistry Syllabus 

Some Basic Concept of Chemistry Hydrogen Electrochemistry Alcohols, phenols and ethers
Structure of Atom The s-block Elements Chemical Kinetics Aldehydes, ketones and carboxylic acids
Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties The p-Block Elements Surface chemistry Organic compounds containing nitrogens
Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure Organic Chemistry – Some Basic Principles and Techniques General principles and processes of isolation of elements Biomolecules
States of Matter Hydrocarbons The p-block elements Polymers
Thermodynamics Environmental Chemistry The d– & f-block elements Chemistry in everyday life
Equilibrium The solid state Coordination compounds Haloalkanes and haloarenes
Redox Reactions Solutions

IISER Aptitude Test Syllabus – IAT Biology Syllabus

The Biology section, as per the IISER Aptitude Test syllabus, has the least number of topics (10). However, the number of questions and marks weightage remain the same. The names of topics as per the official syllabus are as follows. 

IISER Aptitude Test Biology Syllabus 

Cell structure and function Diversity in the living world Plant physiology Genetics and evolution
Reproduction Structural organization in animals and plants Human physiology Biology and human welfare
Ecology and environment Biotechnology and its application

IISER Aptitude Test Exam Pattern

Along with the IISER Aptitude Test syllabus, knowing about the exam pattern of IAT helps candidates in creating a well-informed preparation strategy. Hence, the information furnished below on the exam pattern for IISER Aptitude Test is equally important.  

  1. Mode of the exam – Online Computer-based Test (CBT)
  2. Type of questions – Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)
  3. Number of options in one question – 4 options 
  4. Duration of exam – 180 minutes (3 hours)
  5. Maximum marks – 180 
  6. Number of sections – 4
  7. Number of questions – 60 (15 in each section)
  8. Medium of exam – English as well as Hindi (Bilingual)
  9. Marking scheme – (+) 3 for every correct response; (–) 1 for every incorrect response

IISER Aptitude Test – Books Recommended for Preparation

Although NCERT textbooks (10+2) are considered the best books to cover the IISER Aptitude Test syllabus, candidates can consider the following books for advanced level preparation.

Best Books to Prepare for IISER Aptitude Test

Section Name of the Book Author/Publisher
Physics Concepts of Physics Volume I and II H.C. Verma
Fundamentals of Physics Halliday, Resnik & Walker
Chemistry Advance Problem in Organic Chemistry  Kapil Kumar Wadhwa
Problems in Physical Chemistry for JEE (Main & Advanced) Narendra Awasthi
Mathematics Comprehensive Mathematics McGraw Hill
Mathematics for Class 12 R.D. Sharma
Biology Objective Biology Volume I & II Trueman’s 
Objective NCERT at your FINGERTIPS MTG Editorial Board

IISER Aptitude Test – Model Question Paper

Candidates can download the official model test paper in Hindi as well as in English language using the direct links mentioned in the table below.

IISER Aptitude Test – Tips to Prepare for IAT 2022

  1. The initial step to start your preparation is to get acquainted with the IISER Aptitude Test syllabus and the exam pattern
  2. Create a day-to-day study plan in accordance with number of days left for the IISER Aptitude Test 
  3. Maintain an equilibrium between studies and leisure pursuits to keep your energy and mental strength intact 
  4. IISER Aptitude Test syllabus comprises the topics from the class 11th and 12th curriculum. Explore the NCERT textbooks first before you decide you read other books
  5. Ensure to study only those topics that are prescribed in the IISER Aptitude Test syllabus. Studying unprescribed topics for additional preparation would not be a wise move.
  6. After thoroughly completing the syllabus, practice the official model test question paper and mock tests (available on the official IISER website)
  7. Always seek help from experts in case you face any kind of difficulty in solving the questions
  8. Although the syllabus of IISER Aptitude Test is based on the NCERT syllabus, candidates can refer to other specialized books apart from NCERT textbooks for an effective preparation

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IISER Aptitude Test Syllabus – FAQs

✔️ What subjects do I need to study as per the IISER Aptitude Test syllabus?

The IISER Aptitude Test will have questions from four different subjects - Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology. Study the topics as per the class 11th and 12th syllabus in CBSE.

✔️ Is there any sectional time limit in IAT 2022?

No. IISER Aptitude Test will not have any sectional time limit. However, candidates must divide three hours of the exam into all the sections equally as all the four sections have an equal number of questions (15) and marks (45).

✔️ Is studying from NCERT textbooks enough for cracking the IISER Aptitude Test 2022?

Yes. NCERT textbooks (class 11th & 12th) are the main source of questions in the IISER Aptitude Test. However, candidates can refer to other specialized books after preparing from NCERT textbooks.

✔️ What is the mode of IISER Aptitude Test 2022?

IISER conducts IAT in online mode as a computer-based test. Candidates will have an advantage of navigating through all the questions as well as sections at any time while attempting the exam.

✔️ Will I have a choice to answer questions from either Biology or Mathematics in the IISER Aptitude Test?

No. Candidates taking the IISER Aptitude Test have to answer questions from both Biology as well as Mathematics as all the four sections of IAT are compulsory.

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