IGNOU OPENMAT Preparation – Strategies, Expert Tips for Last 7 Days

IGNOU OPENMAT is a national-level entrance exam, which is held twice every year for the admission of eligible candidates in MBA/PGDM programmes. National Testing Agency (NTA) will be conducting IGNOU OPENMAT 2020 in the CBT (Computer-based Test) mode on 15th September 2020. 

With such less time in hand, students need to pull their socks up and devote themselves to IGNOU OPENMAT preparation. Since thousands of candidates have applied for the OPENMAT entrance test this year, the competition is high and seats are limited. Keeping this cut-throat competition in mind, Team Buddy4Study has created a preparation strategy for candidates with effective last-minute tips to forgo exam jitters and ace the upcoming IGNOU OPENMAT XLVII exam.

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Important Update

  • National Testing Agency has released the IGNOU OPENMAT admit card on 3rd September 2020. Candidates can download it from ignouexams.nta.nic.in or click here.

IGNOU OPENMAT – Exam Pattern

Before moving onto the IGNOU OPENMAT preparation tips and strategies, you need to have a clear idea about the new exam pattern. This can assist you in designating the practice time for different sections.

IGNOU OPENMAT 2020 – Sections

Sections Number of Questions
General Awareness 30
English Language 50
Quantitative Ability 50
Reasoning 70

IGNOU OPENMAT 2020 – Exam Pattern

Particulars Details
Name of the Examination Indira Gandhi National Open University – Open Management Aptitude Test (OPENMAT XLVII)
IGNOU OPENMAT 2020 Exam Date 15th September 2020
Duration of Exam 3 Hours or 180 minutes
Number of Questions 200
Marks per Question 1 Mark
Allotment of Marks
  • General Awareness – 30 Marks
  • English Language – 50 Marks
  • Quantitative Ability – 50 Marks 
  • Reasoning – 70 Marks

Total Marks – 200

Marking Scheme +1 for Every Correct AnswerNo Negative Marking for Incorrect Answers or Unattempted Answers

IGNOU OPENMAT Preparation – Strategies and Tips

After going through the exam pattern details of IGNOU OPENMAT 2020, here are the tips and strategies for the candidates, which they must follow to prepare and crack the examination easily.

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Tip #1 – Create an Effective Study Plan

The first tip to prepare well for IGNOU OPENMAT is to manage your time well and create a well-thought-out study plan. You need to create the plan after analysing your strengths and weaknesses and separating the topics based on it. While creating a timetable, you should also keep slots open for revision and mock tests. 

Take help from the IGNOU OPENMAT 2020 syllabus and allocate time and energy to each one of the topics based on their difficulty level. Even better, you can take the help of a priority matrix to create an effective timetable and study accordingly.

IGNOU OPENMAT Preparation Pattern – Priority Matrix

Matrix 1Easy and Important Topics Matrix 2Fairly Easy Topics but can be Studied Later
Matrix 3Important Topics but Quite Difficult  Matrix 4

Difficult Topics

The main idea of creating this priority matrix is to understand and segregate easier topics from difficult ones. 

Tip #2 – Section-wise Preparation Tips 

As per the IGNOU OPENMAT syllabus 2020, there are 4 broad sections from where questions will be asked:

  1. Logical Reasoning
  2. General Awareness
  3. Quantitative Aptitude
  4. English Language

It is necessary to plan an effective preparation and study plan so that you can effectively cover the entire IGNOU OPENMAT syllabus. You can do it by adopting a disciplined approach and preparing for your exam section-wise. 

Section 1 – General Awareness

  • Read the newspaper (whether in print or online) daily. You can get tons of information on different topics related to famous people, laws and regulations, politics, and many others. 
  • Follow valid online resources (websites and mobile apps) to keep up with the latest happenings in the country. You can follow the Manorama Year Book, which is one of the highly sought current affairs books for competitive and entrance examination. 

Section 2 – Quantitative Aptitude

  • The quantitative aptitude section is designed to test the general aptitude and numerical reasoning of the candidates. It is best if you start brushing up the basics of 9th and 10th grade Mathematics (8th to 10th Standard Mathematics books from NCERT). 
  • There may not be specific books for IGNOU OPENMAT preparation but you can prepare from quantitative aptitude practice books. You can also take the help of the practice books that are used for preparation of other competitive management exams. Plenty of such practice books are available both offline and online. 

Section 3 – Reasoning

  • This section comprises 70 marks and has the maximum number of questions. Being the most challenging section among the four, candidates are advised to practice as many questions as possible. 
  • Learn various shortcuts and tricks to solve maximum questions in this section. You will need this knowledge to solve Logical and Abstract Reasoning questions.

Section 4 – English Language or Verbal Ability

  • Learn the spellings, usage and meanings of words daily. It will improve your vocabulary.
  • Don’t forget to practice grammar questions like Antonyms, Synonyms, Vocabulary, Basic Grammar, and Sentence Correction.
  • If you come across new and uncommon words while reading anything, write those down and look for its accurate meaning in online/offline dictionaries. 

Tip #3 – Practice with Previous Years’ Question Papers and Mock Tests

Solving the IGNOU OPENMAT question papers from previous years is no doubt one of the best strategies to prepare well for the upcoming exam. You can download and attempt all the IGNOU OPENMAT question papers to evaluate your performance in the upcoming exams.

IGNOU OPENMAT Previous Year PapersClick Here

You can also prepare with the mock test available here. With this, you can practice increasing your speed of answering the maximum number of questions in 180 minutes. 

Tip #4 – Take a Break

Managing time and preparing for IGNOU OPENMAT 2020 entrance test tends to make both the mind and body tired. If you take a look at the shared experience and IGNOU OPENMAT preparation tips by candidates who cracked the exam successfully and got admission in MBA/Management programmes at IGNOU, a majority recommends taking small breaks. 

Relaxing and taking breaks not only breaks the monotony of studying non-stop, but it also refreshes the mind. This much-needed relief can assist you to study with more vigour and concentration.

Exercising is also a good way to de-stress your mind and body. It is a proven fact that Yoga and meditation calm the mind and increase the power of focusing and remembering information. So, take a walk, eat something healthy and fresh, and meditate before sitting for the next round of preparation with more enthusiasm. 

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IGNOU OPENMAT Preparation –  Tips by Experts

  • The foremost thing while preparing for IGNOU OPENMAT entrance exam is knowing the time allocated for each section. You need to practice solving IGNOU OPENMAT questions the same way you would be answering in the main exam. 
  • As the examination is of 180 minutes, you need to divide the time for all 4 sections. However, you should not forget to include the time for revision in your preparation time table.

Section-wise Preparation in 180 Minutes

Test Sections Ideal Time Allocation
Reasoning 50 minutes
Quantitative Ability 35 minutes
English Language 35 minutes
General Awareness 30 minutes
Revision 30 minutes
  • Compared to Quantitative Ability and General Awareness sections, Reasoning and English Language sections are easier to attempt. So, instead of tackling the difficult questions first, start with the easier ones. This tactic will assist you to complete more questions within the allocated time.
  • Don’t remain stuck on a complicated or difficult question. If you are stuck on a question for more than 30 seconds, leave it and move ahead to the next question. You can come back later and solve it.

IGNOU OPENMAT Preparation –  Basic Topics to Revise 7 Days before the Exam

There are a few basic IGNOU OPENMAT topics that you can easily cover and revise without any hassles. Candidates are advised to dedicate at least 2 hours to each test section a day, 7 days before IGNOU OPENMAT XLVII exam. 

Basic Topics to Revise for IGNOU OPENMAT

General Awareness English Language Reasoning Quantitative Aptitude
Current affairsPolitics


Famous people







Reading comprehensionGrammar including Idioms

Sentence Corrections

Relation Pair of Words

Fill in the blanks based on the meanings of the words 



PuzzlesVerbal ability

Analytical and Decision-making ability


Logic and Diagrams



Data analysis and Interpretation

IGNOU OPENMAT Preparation – Effective Last-Minute Tips to Stick With

Solving the IGNOU OPENMAT 2020 question paper is undoubtedly a tough nut to crack. While time management tips to prepare for IGNOU OPENMAT 2020 help in planning the study routine, execution requires extra effort. Buddy4Study advises you to consider these aspects to execute your IGNOU OPENMAT preparation plan.

  1. Do not stray from the time allotted for one subject.
  2. The routine should be followed diligently.
  3. Topics should be studied from easy to difficult level
  4. You should remember the theories and formulas related to the Quantitative Aptitude section.
  5. Devote quality time for preparing the different sections of IGNOU OPENMAT syllabus.
  6. Don’t get stuck to only one subject. Your self-created time table should have variations to prevent you from having a mental block.
  7. Instead of reading something new, it is best to revise the IGNOU OPENMAT syllabus.
  8. Revisions should never be missed.
  9. Instead of practising orally, the written format should be opted for while practising IGNOU OPENMAT sample question papers. 
  10. Designate a time to solve each question and gradually practice reducing the set time.
  11. Learn formulas, shortcuts, and tricks to solve sums quickly.
  12. If stuck on a particular problem, divert your mind by studying some other topics or revising previously read topics, and then come back to solve the problem

IGNOU OPENMAT Preparation – FAQs

What books are best to study a week before IGNOU OPENMAT?

NTA IGNOU OPENMAT Entrance Exam Guide Book from Neeraj Publications and GPH OPENMAT Management Entrance Guide from Gullybaba Publications are two of the most popular books for IGNOU OPENMAT preparation.

How many questions do I need to solve in IGNOU OPENMAT XLVII?

You need to solve 200 questions. Each question carries 1 mark. However, there is no negative marking for incorrect or unattempted answers.

How many times can I attempt the Mock tests to crack the IGNOU OPENMAT exam?

There is no fixed limit to attempt the mock tests to prepare for IGNOU OPENMAT. The more a candidate practices, the higher will be the chance to crack the IGNOU OPENMAT entrance exam.

Should I continuously prepare for IGNOU OPENMAT?

Practising for IGNOU OPENMAT diligently with small breaks is the appropriate way to prepare for the exam. Taking breaks and exercising relieves the mind and body from exhaustion and invigorates the person to start studying again with enthusiasm.

What should be the ideal approach to crack IGNOU OPENMAT?

Attempt mock tests and practice previous year question papers to prepare for IGNOU OPENMAT exam. Keep track of time and assess the number of questions that you can solve in 180 minutes. With daily practice, try to answer 200 questions within 3 hours. On the day of the exam, try to stick to these timings.

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