GATE Cut Off – Previous Yearsā€™ Cutoffs, Cutoff Types & Difference

Every year, the GATE exam is conducted jointly by IISc (Indian Institute of Science), Bangalore and any one of the IITs (Bombay, Delhi, Guwahati, Kanpur, Kharagpur, Madras and Roorkee). Since IIT Bombay (IIT-B) will conduct the GATE exam next year, it will also release the GATE cut off 2021 on behalf of all the participating institutes. The cutoff of GATE 2021 will be released for all the 25 specializations separately online. It is mandatory for the candidates to score equal to or more than the closing rank of the GATE cutoff to qualify the exam.Ā 

It must be noted that the candidates who qualify GATE cutoff 2021 will be able to download the GATE scorecard. IITs (Indian Institute of Technology), NITs (National Institute of Technology), IIITs (Indian Institute of Information Technology), and other CFTIs (Centrally Funded Technical Institute) will offer admission to candidates in courses like M.Tech./ M.Arch./ M.Plan./M.Des if they qualify the GATE 2021 cutoff. Candidates should go through this article to garner pivotal information about GATE 2021 cutoff with previous yearsā€™ stats and other useful details.Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā 

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GATE Cut Off – Highlights

All the candidates who obtain a score that satisfies the minimum qualifying cut-off marks are further eligible to take part in the COAP (Common Offer Acceptance Portal) or CCMT (Centralized Counseling for M.Tech./ M.Arch./ M.Plan./M.Des) for admission in the IITs on the basis of the GATE scores. Some of the major highlights on how the score is generated for candidates taking the test are given below.Ā 

  1. The qualifying marks for the general category candidates is 25 marks (out of 100) in each subject or Āµ+Ļƒ, whichever is higher. Āµ denotes the mean and Ļƒ signifies the standard deviation of marks of all the GATE test-takers.Ā 
  2. Further, the normalization is done on the basis of the fundamental assumption that ā€œin all multi-session GATE papers, the distribution of abilities of candidates is the same across all the sessionsā€

GATE Cut Off – Deciding Factors

There are a total of 25 papers for which GATE is conducted by the IITs. Cut off scores for each of the papers are different and depend on some basic factors. These factors affecting the cut-off score are listed below:Ā 

  • Total number of candidates who appeared for the test
  • Total number of seats available in GATE participating institutions
  • Difficulty level of the exam
  • Total number of applications received (discipline-wise)Ā 
  • Category of the candidatesĀ 

GATE Cut Off ā€“ Types & DifferenceĀ 

Aspirants must know that two types of GATE cut offs are released:

GATE Qualifying Cut Off

The minimum marks candidates need to score to qualify the GATE exam is simply the GATE qualifying cut off. It varies for all the 25 subjects in which the GATE exam is organized. Another factor that brings variation to GATE qualifying cut off is the candidates belonging from different categories. The category-wise and subject-wise cutoff lists are released along with the GATE result by the institute hosting the exam every year.Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā 

GATE Admission Cut OffĀ 

The admission cut off of GATE is published by the each member institute i.e. IITs, NITs, and CFTIs individually. GATE admission cut off is basically the minimum marks a candidate needs to score to get admission in a GATE participating institution. The institutes release this cut off at the time of admission.Ā Ā 

GATE Qualifying Cut Off VS GATE Admission Cut OffĀ 

GATE aspirants can distinguish between both types of cut offs with the help of below table:-Ā Ā 

Aspects for DifferenceQualifying GATE CutoffsAdmission GATE Cutoffs

Score Type

This cut off displays the minimum marks a candidate needs to score to qualify the GATE exam.This cut off is released by GATE member institutes to present their opening and closing ranks for admission.
Releasing BodyHost of GATE ExamĀ All the participating institutionsĀ 

Publishing TimeĀ 

GATE qualifying cut off is decided before the result declarationThe admission cutoff is fixed after the result announcementĀ Ā 


The qualifying GATE cutoff is made available on GOAPS


The admission cutoff is made available on their respective counselling portal ā€“ CCMT/COAP


The qualifying GATE cutoff displays the qualifying marks paper-wiseĀ The admission cutoff shows course-wise opening and closing ranks at participating institutes

GATE Cut Off – Previous Yearsā€™ StatsĀ 

As already discussed, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay will release the GATE 2021 cut off along with the GATE result. Candidates can check the GATE cut off trends from the previous three years to get the fair idea of the subject-wise qualifying score in GATE 2021.

Score-wise GATE Qualifying Cut Off 2020

Aerospace Engineering27.224.418.1
Agricultural Engineering26.323.617.5
Architecture and Planning34.831,323.2
Civil Engineering32.929.621.9
Computer Science and Information Technology28.525.619
Chemical Engineering35.732.123.8
Ecology and Evolution42.237.928.1
Electrical Engineering33.43022.2
Electronics and Communication Engineering28.825.919.2
GeologyĀ 38.434.525.6
Instrumentation Engineering34.631.123
Mining EngineeringĀ 32.729.421.8
Metallurgical EngineeringĀ
Mechanical EngineeringĀ 3430.622.6
Petroleum EngineeringĀ 39.835.826.5
Production and Industrial Engineering36.632.924.4
Textile Engineering and Fiber Science37.133.324.7
Engineering Sciences2623.417.3
Life Sciences31.728.521.1

Score-wise GATE Qualifying Cut Off 2019

GATE paperGeneralOBC (NCL)SC/ST/PwD
Electrical Engineering39.635.626.4
Civil Engineering28.225.418.8
Mechanical EngineeringĀ 34.130.722.7
Computer Science and Information Technology29.526.619.7
Electronics and Communication Engineering26.72417.8
Petroleum EngineeringĀ 49.944.933.3
Chemical Engineering34.831.323.2
Engineering Sciences26.72417.8
Aerospace Engineering33.530.222.3
Textile Engineering and Fiber Science40.136.126.7
Agricultural Engineering28.325.518.9
Architecture and Planning4136.927.3
Ecology and Evolution37.133.424.7
Instrumentation Engineering31.928.721.3
Mining EngineeringĀ 31.528.421
Metallurgical EngineeringĀ 53.548.135.7
Production and Industrial Engineering32.22921.5
Life Sciences36.73324.5

Score-wise GATE Qualifying Cut Off 2018:

Aerospace Engineering34.430.922.9
Agricultural Engineering2522.516.6
Architecture and Planning43.939.529.2
Civil Engineering26.924.217.9
Chemical Engineering37.83425.1
Computer Science and Information Technology2522.516.6
Electronics and Communication Engineering2522.516.6
Electrical Engineering29.126.119.4
Ecology and Evolution49.344.332.8
Instrumentation Engineering37.133.324.7
Mechanical EngineeringĀ 34.731.223.1
Mining EngineeringĀ 45 40.530
Metallurgical EngineeringĀ 40.336.226.8
Petroleum EngineeringĀ 39.835.826.5
Production and Industrial Engineering3228.821.3
Textile Engineering and Fiber Science32.228.321.4
Engineering Sciences31.528.321
Life Sciences29.926.919.9

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GATE Admission Cut off ā€“ IIT BombayĀ Ā 

The previous yearsā€™ course-wise admission cut offs of IIT Bombay and IIT Delhi will definitely help the GATE aspirants to get an idea of the score they need to obtain to secure their M.Tech admission in top IITs.Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā 

GATE Cut off 2019 by IIT Bombay for M.Tech Mechanical EngineeringĀ 

ProgrammeĀ GeneralĀ OBC- NCSC / ST
Thermal & Fluids EngineeringNANA400
Design Engineering600540400
Manufacturing EngineeringNAĀ NA400

GATE Cut off 2019 by IIT Bombay for M.Tech Computer ScienceĀ Ā 

ProgrammeĀ GeneralĀ OBC- NCSC / ST
Computer Science and Engineering750675500

GATE Cut off 2019 by IIT Bombay for M.Tech Electrical EngineeringĀ 

ProgrammeĀ GeneralĀ OBC- NCSC / ST
Communication Engineering510459340
Control & Computing510459340
Power Electronics & Power Systems510459340

GATE Cut off 2019 by IIT Bombay for M.Tech Civil Engineering

ProgrammeĀ GeneralĀ OBC- NCSC / ST
Transportation Systems Engineering550495367
Geotechnical Engineering550495367
Water Resources Engineering500450333
Structural Engineering600540400
Ocean Engineering500450333

GATE Admission Cut off ā€“ IIT Delhi

GATE Cut off 2019 by IIT Delhi for M.Tech Mechanical Engineering

ProgrammeĀ GeneralĀ OBC – NCSCSTPwD
Mechanical Design725650500300300
Industrial Engineering725650500300300
Production Engineering725650500300300
Thermal Engineering725650500300300

GATE Cut off 2019 by IIT Delhi for M.Tech Computer Science (Computer Technology)

ProgrammeĀ GeneralĀ OBC – NCSCSTPwD
Computer Technology745672500425400

GATE Cut off 2019 by IIT Delhi for M.Tech Computer Science (Computer Science & Engineering)

ProgrammeĀ GeneralĀ OBC- NCSCSTPwD
Computer Sc & Engg. (Direct Admission)900900900900900
Computer Sc & Engg. (Interview Shortlisting)790710
Computer Sc & Engg. (Shortlisting 60.0/6.75)820735550550550
Computer Sc & Engg. (Interview Shortlisting) 55/6.25600600600

GATE Cut off 2019 by IIT Delhi for M.Tech Chemical EngineeringĀ 

ProgrammeĀ GeneralĀ OBC- NCSCSTPwD
Chemical Engineering (Direct Admission)650615525440525
Chemical Engineering (Interview Shortlisting)540450375300375

GATE Cut off 2019 by IIT Delhi for M.Tech Civil Engineering

ProgrammeĀ GeneralĀ OBC- NCSCSTPwD
Construction Engineering & Management (CE/ AR)770/ 780700/ 650600/ 425320/ 339320/ 300
Structural Engineering820780635495495
Water Resources Engineering (CE/ AG)675/ 650650/ 650475/ 475454/ 454400/ 400
Transportation Engineering (CE/ AR/ ME)709/ 600/ 730624/ 550/ 752500/ 500/ 539315/ 450/ 500400/ 300/ 350Ā 

GATE Cut off 2019 by IIT Delhi for M.Tech Electrical Engineering

ProgrammeĀ GeneralĀ OBC- NCSCSTPwD
Communications Engineering (EE/EC/IN)770720540440440
Power Electronics, Electrical Machines & Drives (EE/ Others)770/ 850700/ 850610/ 800590/ 800590/ 800
Power Systems (EE/ Others)750/ 950640/ 900555/ 850475/ 850380/ 850

GATE Cut Off – FAQs

Q. Where can a candidate check the GATE qualifying cut off for a particular year?

GOAPS web portal is the right destination to check GATE cut off or any other detail of the GATE exam.

Q. Does the GATE cut off for each discipline vary?

Yes, the GATE cut off stats for all the 25 papers are different from each other.

Q. What are the factors affecting the GATE cut off every year?

There are various factors that affect the GATE cut off each year. Some of the determining factors are total number of candidates, the difficulty level of the paper, the total number of candidates registered for the test, etc.

Q. Will the GATE cut off 2021 be released category-wise?

Yes, the GATE cut-off lists are broadly classified as category-wise as well as discipline-wise.

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