No Offline Exams up to Class 8 in Delhi. Will Other States Follow the Trend?ย 

With the Delhi Government ruling out the offline examinations for students up to Class 8, states like Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Bihar and Kerala have come up with a similar solution.ย 

New Delhi, 26 February 2021: The Government of New Delhi, on Wednesday, issued guidelines for the yearly assessment of kindergarten to Class 8 level students mentioning, โ€œNo offline exams for students up to Class 8โ€. Instead, the government has asked the publically-run and aided schools to promote the students by providing them grades on the basis of their assignments and projects.ย 

In an official order, the Directorate of Education (DoE), New Delhi said, โ€œSince no classroom teaching and learning has taken place at the primary and middle level, the formal mode of pen-and-paper assessment will be replaced by a subjective assessment of projects and assignments for Classes 3 to 8โ€.ย 

Furthermore, the assessment of students up to Class 2 will be made on the basis of their winter break assignments and responses to the worksheets shared with them during the pandemic through WhatsApp or any offline means. โ€œAll the currently enrolled students of Class Nursery to 2 shall be promoted to the next class. However, the purpose of the assessment is to understand the impact of the alternative-learning approach that needed to be adopted under the prevailing circumstances this year. The teachers will not ask the students or parents to submit or resubmit any worksheet issued previously,โ€ the DoE added.

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Delhi Government Guidelines โ€“ Key Updates

  • These guidelines have been issued to all the government-run and aided schools keeping in view the existing COVID-19 pandemic situation.ย 
  • The private schools can prepare their own schedule and decide on the modalities on their own.ย 
  • For the assessment of Classes 3 to 5, the worksheets will carry 30 marks, the winter break assignments will carry 30 marks, and the assignments and projects provided from March 1 to 15 will carry 40 marks.ย 
  • Similarly, for the assessment of Classes 6 to 8, the worksheets will carry 20 marks, the winter break assignments will carry 30 marks, and the assignments and projects provided from 1 to 15 March will carry 50 marks.ย 

Considering the sudden increase in the COVID-19 cases in different parts of the country, various other states like Bihar, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, and Punjab have also come up with a similar solution.ย 

Bihar – Exam Guidelines for Classes 1 to 8

  • The Bihar Education Department has also decided to promote the students of Class 1 to 8 without holding annual examinations.ย 
  • Furthermore, to compensate for the loss occurred during the last academic year, a special โ€œCatch Up Courseโ€ will be held for three months to cover the remaining syllabus of the previous session.

Bihar - Exam Guidelines for Classes 1 to 8

Madhya Pradesh โ€“ Exam Guidelines for Classes 1 to 8ย 

  • Earlier in December, the Government of Madhya Pradesh also decided that there will be no annual examination for students of Class 1 to 8 in the state.ย 
  • The evaluation of these students will be done on the basis of worksheets.
  • The students of Class 1 and 2 will be provided with a practice book and a worksheet from the schools that will contain questions from English, Hindi, and Mathematics.ย 
  • The worksheet for Class 3 to 8 will have skill-based questions and project work.

Kerala โ€“ Exam Guidelines for Classes 1 to 8

  • The Kerala Government, under its no-detention policy, has also announced that the students of Class 1 to 8 will be promoted to the next class based on their worksheets.ย 
  • The same guideline may also be applicable for students of Class 9.ย 
  • As per the officials, worksheets are being developed for students of each class for each subject. These will be provided to them through their school teachers. The students will have to complete the worksheets and return them to their teachers. This will serve as records of their academic performance.ย 

Punjab โ€“ Exam Guidelines for Classes 1 to 8

  • Unlike other states, the PSEB or Punjab School Education Board will conduct the annual examination for students of Class 1 to 8 either online or offline.
  • The students have the option to appear for the exam either online or offline as per their convenience.ย 

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