Delhi Govt Update 2023 – ‘No Detention’ Policy Issued For Class 5 & 8

New Delhi, 10 September 2022, Delhi Govt Update 2022: The Delhi Government has issued a ‘No Detention’ policy for Classes 5 and 8 students and fresh exam guidelines for Classes 3 to 8 for the academic year 2023-24. As per the statement made by government officials, students of Classes 5 and 8 will not be promoted to the next class if they do not pass the annual examination.

 The State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) has made amendments to the existing ‘No Detention’ policy that students shall be expelled from school till the completion of their elementary education. The guidelines will be implemented in all government, private and public schools.

Delhi Govt Update 2022 – Dropout Rate At School Level

As per the “Foundational Learning Study 2022” released by the Ministry of Education, Government of India, the dropout rate at the secondary school level is over 35%. Around 12.6% of students drop out of school in India, 19.8% discontinued education at the secondary level, while 17.5% dropped out at the upper primary level.

With improvement in the number of schools as well as facilities in schools and enrolment, the annual dropout rate at the primary school level has come down by 1.28 per cent (from 5.62% in 2011-12 to 4.34% in 2013-14). At this level, the dropout rate for boys and girls decreased by 1.36 and 1.2% (from 5.34% to 4.14%) percentage.

The state-wise dropout rate of secondary and senior students as per the Delhi Govt update 2022 is listed below:

State Secondary Level Senior Secondary Level
Andhra Pradesh 29% 31%
Arunachal Pradesh 72% 71%
Assam 54% 50%
Bihar 67% 60%
Chhattisgarh 54% 46%
Goa 41% 32%
Gujarat 31% 28%
Haryana 65% 60%
Himachal Pradesh 21% 19%
Jharkhand 32% 13%
Karnataka 32% 27%
Kerala 42% 31%
Madhya Pradesh 76% 71%
Maharashtra 65% 60%
Manipur 31% 23%
Meghalaya 32% 29%
Mizoram 09% 04%
Nagaland 56% 51%
Odisha 22% 18%
Punjab 24% 20%
Rajasthan 45% 40%
Sikkim 67% 60%
Tamil Nadu 31% 22%
Telangana 21% 16%
Tripura 43% 35%
Uttrakhand 18% 10%
Uttar Pradesh 20% 11%
West Bengal 21% 18%

Delhi Govt Update 2022 – Reasons for Dropout

  • Socio-economic background – Children who belong to low-income groups with less-educated parents are more likely to drop out of school.
  • Sickness – The poor health of children affects majorly on their learning ability. Chronic illness during early childhood may affect the development of the brain.
  • Not Interested in studies – Students don’t show interest in studies when they enter Classes 9 and 10 due to which they prefer to skip classes or go late to school.
  • Unable to cope up – Humiliation is the biggest reason for the increase in the dropout rate. It gives a negative impact on the self-esteem of students due to which they tend to leave their studies and indulge in other menial activities.
  • Lack of school infrastructure – It includes inadequate facilities such as poor sanitation, contaminated water, unclean toilets, lack of security for girls, and carelessness of teachers. All these factors might force students to dropout of school.
  • Death of parents – After the death of parents, the elder child has to shoulder the responsibilities of the family due to which they tend to drop school and takes care of their household activities.

Delhi Govt Update 2022 – ‘No Detention’ Policy

  • Three cycles of weekly tests will be conducted for Classes 1 to 5.
  • A minimum ‘C’ grade is required for students to pass the exams.
  • The academic will be divided into two terms, namely, term 1 and term 2 for Classes 6 to 12.
  • Each term will have one cycle of periodic tests, enrichment activities, notebook submission, and end-term examination.
  •  The students will not be able to sit for the examination if they have their attendance below 75%.
  • The students are required to score a minimum of 33% marks in end-term exams to be promoted in the next academic year.
  • The students who would not be able to pass end-term exams of Class 5 or 8 will be given another chance to improve their performance within 2 months and sit for re-examination.
  • If the students fail to secure a minimum of 33% marks in each subject after the re-examination, they will be placed under the category of ‘essential repeat’.

Delhi Govt Update 2022 – Aim of ‘No Detention’ Policy

  • The main objective of the ‘No Detention’ policy is to decrease the dropout rate of students.
  • Through such policies, children are expected to basic education in reading and writing.
  • Female students can enrol in schools without any fear of failing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 Who issued the ‘No Detention’ policy?

The Delhi Government has issued a ‘No Detention’ policy for the students of Classes 5 and 8.

Q2. When was the ‘No Detention’ policy introduced?

The ‘No Detention’ policy of the Right to Education Act was first introduced in 2009.

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Q3. What is the dropout rate of Indian students at secondary schools?

As per the Ministry of Education, Government of India, the dropout rate at the secondary school level is over 35%.

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