CBSE Uses BlockChain Technology To Store Board Exam Results Online

New Delhi, 7 October 2021 – CBSE has introduced a solution to safely record academic results and certificates in a tamper-proof manner, in technical alliance with the Centre of Excellence for Blockchain Technology. These academic documents can be viewed in a safe and reliable manner through the internet. 

The academic documents will be stored in a linked chain structure which utilizes Blockchain Technology and the system is known as CBSE Academic {BlockChain} Documents (ABCD). Such an initiative is revolutionary in itself as it is for the first time that CBSE has come up with such an initiative, in terms of recording board results and certificates online.

Benefits of ‘Academic BlockChain Document’

1. Easy Document Verification

With Academic {BlockChain} Documents, the verification process has become simpler. Students do not have to carry their original academic documents everywhere. 

2. Infrastructure Maintenance

With the introduction of Academic {BlockChain} Documents, one can get access to trusted and secure data.

3. Reduction in Paperwork

For any institution, paperwork is important. Every task requires paperwork for constant reference. But, with Academic {BlockChain} Documents, paperless references can be made with just a few clicks. Here, data is stored in a secure and easy manner without the fear of losing data from hacking or any other way.

4. Easily Accessible to All

As the board result documents are available online in Academic {BlockChain} Documents, universities, administration, students, teachers, and parents are free to verify documents at any time through the board’s official website or

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How to Use BlockChain Technology To Access CBSE Board Results? 

Here are the steps to use Academic {BlockChain} Documents (ABCD):

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  • All users can verify academic documents by visiting or    CBSE Main website
  • Click on the “Verify” menu option on the top menu bar which is available on the home page.
  • Select the class from the pop up. Fill in basic details like Roll No, Date of Birth (in case of Class X only), Exam Year, Exam Type and Student Name (partial) and press ‘Go’ to confirm.
  • Once the details are validated, the marks statement of the student is displayed.

How to Verify Documents Using Blockchain? 

  • For Students – Students may access the portal and enter their basic details such as roll number etc. to view their academic documents.
  • For Institutional Authorities – The institutes are free to register with CBSE and adhere to the bulk verification tool and API-based verification modes. 

What CBSE Board Exam Documents Can Be Accessed Through BlockChain Technology?

At present, the Academic {BlockChain} Documents (ABCD) comprises academic documents of the academic years 2019, 2020 & 2021 for class X and XII. 

To know more about ABCD, you can visit

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