CBSE Term 1 Exam – Board Answers FAQs On Evaluation

New Delhi, 30 November, 2021: The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will hold Class 10 term-1 major papers from November 30 and Class 12 term-1 major papers from December 1. The board has released a set of frequently asked questions (FAQs) for the schools on concerns including evaluation methods and OMR.

CBSE Term 1 Exam: Duration and Pattern

  • CBSE term-1 exam will begin from 11:30 am and will be of 90 minutes duration.ย 
  • CBSE term-1 question paper will comprise Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) on assertion reasoning-type topics.
  • The reading time will be 20 minutes.

CBSE Term 1 Exam: FAQs On Evaluation Method

Is it mandatory to have evaluators from the centre school? Or, evaluators could be from schools whose students are appearing in the board examination?

Schools will have evaluators from all schools, including their own schools, for the evaluation of OMR sheets. During evaluation, OMRs should be interchanged between the evaluators of the two schools. Schools should invite evaluators from neighbouring schools to ensure fair evaluation.

Which colour pen should be used by students and teachers?

Students will use black or blue ballpoint pen and all other authors like invigilators will use red ballpoint pen only.

In case students attempt extra questions, for example, out of 60 only 50 questions are to be attempted and students have attempted all 60 questions. How will the teacher evaluate?

Teachers will consider questions number 1 to 50 (or asked number of questions to be attempted) only and rest (that is 51 to 60) will not be considered.

If any paper is divided into sections, each having 30 questions and 20 questions are to be attempted by the students. Plus, the student has covered 20 questions in the first section and 24 questions in the next. How will be they evaluated?

For instance, in the first section, letโ€™s say that the student has attempted 18 questions correctly. In these 18 questions, 2 are wrong. In the second section, letโ€™s say the student has attempted 24 questions. Out of these 24 questions, only 15 are correct. In such a case, the evaluator will consider 18 correct questions from the first section and will not check the extra 4 questions from the second section and will consider only 15 correct responses. This means, a total of 33 questions (18 from section one + 15 from section two) will be considered.


To read the official document, please click here.

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