CBSE Class 10, 12 Board Exams to be Held Once a Year From 2023 Onwards

New Delhi, 18 April 2022: The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has planned to restore its previously conducted once-a-year board examination format for both Class 10 and Class 12 from the next academic year onwards. This means, the CBSE 2023 board exam will only be held once at the end of the academic year and not twice like it has happened this year.Β 

Note: For 2022, CBSE term-I board examinations were conducted in November-December while CBSE term-II board examinations are scheduled to start on 26 April 2022.Β 

CBSE Board Exam – Overview

CBSE Board Exams 2022 To be conducted term-wise twice:

  • Term-I board exams previously conducted in November-December 2021.
  • Term-II board exam to take place 26 April 2022 onwards.
CBSE Board Exams 2023 To be conducted once annually, next academic year onwards.
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Note: For latest updates, students are requested to keep visiting the official CBSE website.Β 

CBSE Board Exams 2022 – Half Yearly Examination

The decision to undertake term-wise board examinations was taken by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) afterΒ  the 2020-21 board exams were canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The board then introduced a half yearly format for Class 10 and Class 12, of which term-I board exams were conducted in November-December last year, while the Term-II examination will commence 26 April onwards. Weightage of marks as per CBSE for both the terms is 50 percent. However, term-2 marks will be given more weightage.

Sanyam Bhardwaj, Controller of Examinations, CBSE, said that this was a one-time action implemented in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and that now since the schools are back in session and things are returning back to normal, the board will resume its previously followed pattern.

CBSE Board Exams 2023 – Annual Board Examination

Bhardwaj further added that β€œthe decision to go for the two-term board exams was taken as a special measure during COVID-19 pandemic, [and] the board never said that it is going to continue [the same pattern] for the upcoming academic sessions as well.”  

After having received feedback from various schools, the board has decided to revert to the previously incorporated single board exam pattern for both Class 10 and Class 12. An official notification for the same is expected to be issued by the board on the official CBSE website in the near future.

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CBSE Board Exams 2022 – Demand for Home Centers

With COVID-19 cases on the rise in the national capital, particularly in schools, many parents and teachers are concerned about their children’s health. The Covid-19 has become increasingly alarming for many pupils at a time when board examinations are just round the corner.Β 

In the face of this, a number of students and their parents have flooded social media platforms such as Twitter to urge the concerned authorities to provide a resolution for this year’s CBSE board exams.Β 

The students and parents are demanding the authorities to conduct board exams in centers near the students’ homes to prevent the spread of the deadly variant. However, there has been no official notification issued on behalf of the board as of now.Β 

CBSE Board Exams – FAQs

When will CBSE board examination 2022 be conducted?

The CBSE board examination 2022 term-I has already been conducted for Class 10 and Class 12 in November-December 2021. The term-II CBSE board exam for Class 10 and Class 12 will be conducted 26 April 2022 onwards.

Why is the board offering examinations in two terms in 2022?

The two-term CBSE board examinations are being conducted as a special measure due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Will CBSE board examination 2023 be conducted twice a year as well?

No, the CBSE board examination 2023 will be conducted as per the previously followed once-a-year exam pattern for both Class 10 and Class 12. The two-term board examination was a special case that happened this year only.

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