B.Ed Invalid After 2030, English as Medium of Instruction from Class 6: Assam

New Delhi, 19 July 2022 – Assam’s Education Minister –  Ranoj Pegu –  has announced that the B. Ed. degree will be invalid after 2030 and the D.El.Ed diploma will be considered invalid after August 2023. The Education Minister has directed the education department of the state to introduce four-year integrated B.Ed courses.

In other developments, Assam’s Chief Minister – Himanta Biswa Sarma – has instructed that English be made the language of instruction for Science and Maths for classes 6 to 12. These changes were announced as a part of implementing the NEP (New Education Policy) 2020 in the state.

Assam’s Education Policy Changes – Overview

Announcement Regarding B.Ed Degree Valid up to 2030
Announcement Regarding D.El.Ed Diploma Valid up to August 2023
Announcement Regarding Medium of Instruction  English to be the medium of instruction for Science and Maths from class 6 to class 12
Replacement for B.Ed and D.El.Ed Degrees 4-year integrated B.Ed course

Details of Changed Policies in Assam

  • An announcement was made by the Assam Education Minister notifying that B.Ed (Bachelor of Education) degrees will be considered invalid after 2030, and regular B.Ed courses will also be scrapped.
  • He also noted that D.El.Ed (Diploma in Elementary Education) will also be considered invalid after August 2023.
  • Instead, the state will introduce integrated B.Ed courses, which will be four-year long, such as BA-B.Ed, B.Com-B.Ed, BSc-B.Ed, among others. Simply put, students from the state will be eligible for a bachelor’s degree in their honours subjects as well as in education after they complete a single course.
  • The Education Minister had announced that the government had already sent notifications to 71 educational institutions in the state – including 68 colleges and 3 universities – to start the integrated B.Ed courses.
  • The Education Minister further added that these changes in the curriculum were introduced to improve the performance of Assam on the national level, in which the state has been lagging behind due to a lack of trained teachers.
  • As per the data provided by the Education Minister, only 38 percent of the teachers in the state have been trained in secondary-level education, and the rest of the teachers do not have B.Ed degrees.
  • On the other hand, the Assam Chief Minister has also instructed the state’s school education department to introduce English as the medium of instruction for Mathematics and Science subjects. This is to be done for classes 6 to class 12 in all schools run by the Board of Secondary Education, Assam. 
  • However, this will continue along with the teaching of both these subjects in the Assamese language too.
  • These policy changes have been introduced as part of the gradual implementation of the New Education Policy (NEP) 2020 across the state.


What is B.Ed ?

B.Ed or Bachelor of Education is a graduate degree in education, which is required for candidates aspiring to teach in schools at the secondary level (classes 10 to 12).

What is D.El.Ed?

D.El.Ed or Diploma in Elementary Education is a diploma course in education, which is required for candidates aspiring to teach in schools at the elementary level (upto class 8).

Will B.Ed be invalid after 2030??

Yes, B.Ed will be invalid after 2030. A new four-year integrated B.Ed course will be introduced instead.

Will D.El.Ed be invalid after 2023?

Yes, D.El.Ed will be invalid after August 2023. A new four-year integrated B.Ed course will be introduced instead.

Will students currently pursuing B.Ed no longer be eligible for employment?

No! Students currently pursuing B.Ed will still be eligible for employment. B.Ed will be discontinued from 2030 onward.

Will the new integrated B.Ed course be compulsory for teaching jobs?

Since 2019, B.Ed is compulsory for teaching jobs in schools for classes 10 to 12. After 2030, the integrated B.Ed will be compulsory for teaching classes 10 to 12.

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