VITEEE Syllabus – Subject-wise Syllabus, Exam Pattern, Preparation Tips

Vellore Institute of Technology conducts VITEEE for UG-level admissions in four different VIT campuses. Every year, along with the exam notification, VIT releases the VITEEE syllabus and the exam pattern. As per the new and revised exam pattern, Vellore Institute of Technology has made an addition of Aptitude section to the VITEEE question paper. Candidates can get the VITEEE syllabus 2020 for both MPCEA (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English and Aptitude) and BPCEA (Biology, Physics, Chemistry, English and Aptitude) subject groups in this article.  

VITEEE 2020 was earlier scheduled to be conducted from April 13 to 19 which has now been extended to July 29 to August 2. Candidates have got around three months of additional preparation time and they should plan their preparation in sync with the VITEEE syllabus for Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology, English and Aptitude, as mentioned in this article.

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VITEEE Syllabus – Key Highlights

1. VIT offers two different subject groups to appear for VITEEE 2020:

a. MPCEA – Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English and Aptitude

b. BPCEA – Biology, Physics, Chemistry, English and Aptitude

2. Candidates interested in biotechnology stream programmes at VIT will have to take the VITEEE with BPCEA subject group. 

3. VITEEE syllabus 2020 will be based on five sections with difficulty standards of 10+2 level examination.

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4. All the subjects will have as many as 10 units. Each of these units have several topics categorised under them. 

5. VIT has added a new section of aptitude to the VITEEE 2020 question paper. 10 questions will be asked from this section.  

VITEEE Syllabus – Subject-wise Detailed Syllabus

As already discussed, candidates will have to choose a subject group during the VITEEE application form submission and slot booking process. Candidates must prepare for the VITEEE 2020 as per the subject group chosen by them. The syllabus for all the subjects including Physics, Chemistry, English and Aptitude is entirely same as the previous years. Candidates can check the subject-wise VITEEE syllabus 2020 in this article.  

VITEEE Syllabus for Physics 

Physics is a common subject for candidates choosing either BPCEA or MPCEA subject groups. A total of 35 questions will be asked from the topics under the Physics section, mentioned below. Candidates preparing for VITEEE must not skip this section as it holds a total weightage of 28% in the VITEEE question paper.

VITEEE Syllabus 2020 – Physics

S. No. Topics
1 Semiconductor Devices and their Applications
2 Nuclear Physics
3 Dual Nature of Radiation and Atomic Physics
4 Optics
5 Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current
6 Magnetic Effects of Electric Current
7 Current Electricity
8 Electrostatics
9 Properties of Matter
10 Laws of Motion & Work, Energy and Power

Click here to find a more detailed syllabus of VITEEE Physics section

VITEEE Syllabus for Chemistry

The VITEEE syllabus 2020 for the chemistry section in both the subject groups is entirely the same. Candidates will have to answer as many as 35 questions from the topics mentioned in the table below. The weightage of the Chemistry section in VITEEE is similar to that of Physics section i.e. 28%. Thus, Physics and Chemistry sections in VITEEE are equally important. 

VITEEE Syllabus 2020 – Chemistry

S. No. Topics
1 Atomic Structure
2 p,d and f – Block Elements
3 Coordination Chemistry and Solid State Chemistry
4 Thermodynamics, Chemical Equilibrium and Chemical Kinetics
5 Electrochemistry
6 Isomerism in Organic Compounds
7 Alcohols and Ethers
8 Carbonyl Compounds
9 Carboxylic Acids and their derivatives
10 Organic Nitrogen Compounds and Biomolecules

Click here to find a more detailed syllabus of VITEEE Chemistry section

VITEEE Syllabus for Mathematics

Candidates choosing MPCEA as their subject group will have to answer questions from Mathematics. The Mathematics section is one of the most important sections in VITEEE 2020 as it holds the maximum weightage of 32% in the VITEEE question paper (MPCEA Group). Candidates will have to answer a total of 40 questions from the topics mentioned in the table below. 

VITEEE Syllabus 2020 – Mathematics

S. No. Topics
1 Analytical Geometry of Three Dimensions
2 Analytical Geometry of two dimensions
3 Differential Calculus
4 Differential Equations
5 Discrete Mathematics
6 Integral Calculus and its Applications
7 Matrices and their Applications
8 Probability Distributions
9 Trigonometry and Complex Numbers
10 Vector Algebra

Click here to find a more detailed syllabus of VITEEE Mathematics section

VITEEE Syllabus for Biology

Candidates who choose the BPCEA exam group will have to answer a total of 40 questions from the Biology section. Holding a weightage of 32%, the Biology section in VITEEE syllabus 2020 becomes the most important section for the examinees attempting VITEEE under BPCEA exam group. 

VITEEE Syllabus 2020 – Biology

S. No. Topics
1 Taxonomy
2 Genetics and evolution
3 Cell and Molecular Biology
4 Biodiversity, ecology, and environment
5 Reproduction
6 Biotechnology and its applications
7 Human physiology
8 Biochemistry
9 Plant physiology
10 Human health and diseases

Click here to find a more detailed syllabus of VITEEE Biology section

VITEEE Syllabus for English

English section in VITEEE 2020 has no specified syllabus. Candidates come across multiple choice questions (MCQs) testing their comprehension skills in English section. Comprehension passages will be short or may just include a line of poetry. Also, candidates may be asked questions from basic English grammar, with a difficulty standard of up to higher secondary level.

Candidates will have to answer a total of five questions from the English section in VITEEE 2020. The English section, as per VITEEE syllabus, holds the least weightage of 4%. However, the candidates must not skip this section as even a 1% greater score may change their rank in VITEEE 2020 remarkably. 

Click here to find a more detailed syllabus of VITEEE English section

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VITEEE Syllabus for Aptitude

Aptitude is the newest addition to the VITEEE syllabus. Candidates will have to answer a total of ten questions from the Aptitude section related to DI, Syllogism, etc. The Aptitude section holds a weightage of 8% in VITEEE question paper. Candidates must not take this section lightly as this may take the most amount of time while taking VITEEE 2020.

VITEEE Syllabus 2020 – Aptitude

S. No. Topics
1 Data Sufficiency
2 Data Interpretation
3 Clocks, Calendars and Directions
4 Syllogism
5 Number Series, Coding and Decoding

Click here to find a more detailed syllabus of VITEEE Aptitude section

VITEEE 2020 Exam Pattern 

Aspirants can prepare an ideal study timetable for VITEEE only if they get accustomed to the exam pattern along with the syllabus. After gaining insights into syllabus, now it’s time to understand the VITEEE 2020 exam pattern. Let’s delve deeper into the details with the help of below information:

Aspects Details
Duration of Exam 2 hours 30 minutes
Mode of Exam Online (Computer Based Test)
Nature of Questions Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)
Marks for Each Correct Answer 1 mark
Negative Marking No negative marking shall be applicable
Total Marks 125
Total Number of Questions 125

Section-wise Number of Questions for MPCEA Exam Group 

Subject Number of Questions
Physics 35 Questions
Chemistry 35 Questions
Mathematics 40 Questions
English 5 Questions
Aptitude 10 Questions

Section-wise Number of Questions for BPCEA Exam Group 

Subject Number of Questions
Physics 35 Questions
Chemistry 35 Questions
Biology 40 Questions
English 5 Questions
Aptitude  10 Questions

VITEEE Sample Papers

Vellore Institute of Technology has released the official VITEEE sample papers to make the candidates familiar with the type of questions in each section. The official sample paper of VITEEE 2020 consists of ten questions each from Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. On the other hand, English and Aptitude sections consist of 2 and 5 questions, respectively. 

Click here to access the VITEEE sample question paper released officially

VITEEE Preparation Tips 

1. As the first step of preparation, candidates must get aware of the VITEEE syllabus as per their choice of the subject group.

2. Once the candidates know the syllabus properly, the next step is to make a practical and feasible  preparation plan.

3. A good preparation plan must include time for study as well as leisure pursuits for freshness of mind.

4. Evaluate the time left for the examination and the topics to be covered in the time left. Divide your study hours accordingly. 

5. Prepare the plan keeping a separate time for revision of the topics studied.

6. Practise the last years’ question papers and the mock tests available online. This will help in having a hands-on idea of the exam pattern and the important topics in the VITEEE syllabus.

7. After practising, the candidates must evaluate the topics in which they had difficulty to answer and revise the same.

8. Last but not the least, avoid procrastination as it may ruin all your efforts. 

VITEEE Syllabus – FAQs

✔️ Do I need to answer questions from Mathematics even if I have chosen BPCEA as the subject group while filling the application form?

No. Candidates choosing BPCEA will have to answer questions from Biology, apart from Physics, Chemistry, English and Aptitude. On the other hand, candidates choosing MPCEA will have to answer questions from Mathematics instead of Biology. The rest of the sections will remain the same.

✔️ Does the number of questions vary from section to section in the VITEEE question paper?

Yes, every section in the VITEEE syllabus will hold different weightage. However, Physics and Chemistry will have a similar weightage of 28% each (with 35 questions in each of the two sections). The VITEEE question paper will have 40 questions from the Mathematics/Biology section. There will be 5 and 10 questions from English and Aptitude section respectively.

✔️ How much time should I devote to answering questions while taking VITEEE 2020?

Candidates must evaluate the weightage of every section and devote their time accordingly. English section has the least amount of weightage. Thus, candidates must ensure that they allocate the least time to this section. Mathematics/Biology is the largest section with 40 questions and demands the most amount of time during the exam. Rest depends on your grip over particular subjects.

✔️ What are the most recommended books for VITEEE 2020 preparation?

According to the experts, NCERT class 11th and 12th textbooks are the most helpful in the preparation of VITEEE 2020. NCERT covers a wide array of topics and candidates must religiously prepare the topics included in the VITEEE syllabus from NCERT books primarily.

✔️ Which is the newly added section to the VITEEE question paper?

According to the official syllabus of VITEEE 2020, Aptitude section has been added to VIT Engineering Entrance Examination this year. There will be 10 questions asked from this section to assess the aptitude level of the test-takers.

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