NExT Exam – NMC Defers National Exit Test Till Further Notice from Health Ministry

New Delhi, July 14, 2023 – NExT Exam – The National Medical Commission (NMC) has decided to postpone the National Exit Test (NExT) for final year MBBS students of 2019 batch until further notice, in accordance with the guidance provided by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW).

However, there has been no official statement released regarding the status of the scheduled mock NExT exam on July 28. It remains uncertain whether the examination will proceed as planned or be canceled.

The NExT, as stipulated by the National Medical Commission Act, was designed to replace the final MBBS examination.

Its purpose was to function as a licentiate exam, granting registration to practice medicine, as well as serving as the basis for admission to postgraduate courses, thereby replacing NEET-PG.

NExT Exam – Important Details

  • The primary objective of the NExT was to prioritise practical training and maintain consistent educational standards for all medical students.Β 
  • However, the graduating students of the current year have been expressing their concerns and requesting a postponement of the examination, citing insufficient time to prepare for the new examination format.Β 
  • Earlier this month, the health minister announced that the succeeding batch of MBBS graduates would be included in the scope of the new examination.
  • AIIMS Delhi was entrusted with the task of organising the mock test for the exam.Β 
  • As per the recently introduced NMC regulations of 2023, the examination will be conducted in two phases: NExT Step 1 and NExT Step 2, which will take place biannually.
  • Upon successfully passing the NExT Step 1 examination, students will be required to complete a one-year internship, and their NExT Step 1 scores will be taken into consideration for admission to postgraduate (PG) programs.
  • Upon completion of the internship, medical students will be required to successfully clear the NExT Step 2 examination in order to qualify for obtaining a license and registration to practice modern medicine in India.
  • For foreign medical graduates aspiring to practice in India, the procedure entails appearing for the NExT Step 1 examination, completing the internship, and subsequently passing the NExT Step 2 examination in order to meet the eligibility criteria for medical practice.
  • In the event that the examination is not conducted during the current year, the government will be required to officially announce this through a gazette notification.Β 
  • As per the regulations stated in the National Medical Commission act of 2020, the test was mandated to be conducted within three years of its enactment. However, through a subsequent gazette notification, the deadline was extended by one year to 2024.
  • The sample questions included in the mock/practice test will solely serve as illustrative examples of the pattern and format of the NExT Step 1 examination, in accordance with the guidelines set by the NMC.

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NExT Exam – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the NExT exam and why was it introduced?

The NExT, or National Exit Test, is a comprehensive examination introduced to replace the final MBBS exam and ensure uniformity and practical training in medical education across India.

Who is eligible to take the NExT?

Final year MBBS students and foreign medical graduates seeking to practice modern medicine in India are eligible to take the exam.

How does the NExT exam differ from the previous MBBS exam?

Unlike the previous MBBS exam, the exam focuses on practical training, standardized assessment, and acts as a licentiate exam for medical registration and entry into postgraduate courses.

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What are the different phases of the NExT?

The NExT is conducted in two phases: NExT Step 1 and NExT Step 2, which assess the theoretical and clinical knowledge of medical graduates, respectively.

How will the NExT impact postgraduate admissions?

The exam cores will be considered for admission to postgraduate (PG) medical courses, replacing the NEET-PG examination for eligibility in PG programs.

What is the role of the National Medical Commission (NMC) in the NExT?

The NMC plays a pivotal role in setting the regulations, guidelines, and conducting the exam to ensure quality medical education and standardize the licensing process.

Will the NExT replace the NEET-PG examination?

Yes, the exam is intended to replace the NEET-PG examination as the qualifying examination for admission to postgraduate medical courses in India.

What is the significance of the mock test for the NExT?

The mock test for the NExT serves as a preparatory tool, providing students with a glimpse of the examination pattern, format, and helping them gauge their readiness for the actual exam.

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