New Education Policy to be implemented in Goa from 2021-22

The Chairman of Goa Task Force, Subhash Shirodkar, has said that the New Education Policy (NEP) 2020 is expected to be implemented in Goa from the next academic year i.e. 2021-22. In the first year of NEP application, priority will be given to nursery level (for the early education stage), Class 3 (for primary level), and Class 6 and 9 (for higher level).Β 

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Moreover, teacher’s training for schools in Goa (including unaided schools) will begin as soon as April 2021. For the practical execution of NEP in the state, β€œtraining for teachers will have to begin two months prior,” said the Task Force Chairman. This training will be principally provided to Nursery and KG I level teachers. The NEP has introduced vocational training for students starting from Class 6th. Hence Class 6 teachers will also be imparted a special training. β€œAnd teachers teaching in Class XI will have to be trained,” said Shirodkar.Β 

Shirodkar has further revealed that the Union Education Ministry is expected to make the new curriculum available by December. Thereafter, expert academicians and officials of the State Council for Education Research and Training (SCERT) will look into the curriculum to ensure that it adapts to the Goan school education structure.Β 

As per Shirodkar, the β€˜task force’ will be responsible for a β€œsmooth coordination and transition of the existing infrastructure, students, parents, teachers and management.” He informed that the task force has formed 3 subcommittees, each of which has been entrusted with the responsibility of studying the existing infrastructure, student numbers and other ground realities respectively. The task force is expected to propose its recommendations to the state government by March-April 2021.Β 

Earlier in September, Pramod Sawant, Chief Minister of Goa, urged teachers in the state to go through NEP 2020 and submit their suggestions.Β 

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