Karnataka to Regulate Medical Education Fees for Private Colleges

New Delhi, 24 March 2022 – The Government of Karnataka has recently decided to start regulating the fees of private medical colleges in the state to aid students who are unable to afford private medical education. Health and Medical Education Minister – Dr K Sudhakar – announced on Tuesday that Karnataka has formed a new fee regulation committee that will analyse private medical colleges in the state, categorise them into different categories, and decide on the fee that should be collected by the government. 

The government announced this during the budget session, “The state government will take all possible measures to provide opportunities for poor children to enter medical colleges. The committee will recommend the fees particularly for private medical colleges.”

Karnataka Private Medical Colleges Fee Regulation – Overview

Issue  Expensive medical fees charged by private colleges
Solution Prescribed by the Government  Regulate the fee charged by colleges through a committee
Actions to be Taken Categorise the colleges into different categories – A, B, C, etc., and regulate the fees as per these categories
Announcement Made During  Karnataka budget session – 22 March 2022

Karnataka Medical Fee Regulation – How Will Fees be Regulated?

The fee regulation committee will categorise all private medical colleges in the state into different categories like A, B, C and D. This categorisation will be based on the colleges’ infrastructure and their NAAC (National Assessment and Accreditation Council) assessment. 

Other factors that will be considered for categorisation are college staff, faculty, equipment, clinical exposure, among other things. The committee will check these factors and then based on its findings and recommendations, fix the college medical fees.

Note: The new committee will only look into the fees for medical courses across the state and not other courses.

Why is Fee Regulation Required? 

Due to the ongoing Ukraine-Russia crisis, the issue of Indian students having to go to Europe for affordable medical education had come to the fore. This led to the central as well as state governments pondering on how they can provide affordable medical education in the country. The formation of the medical fee regulation committee in Karnataka has come out as a result of that. 

Due to the fee regulation that is going to happen, more underprivileged students will now be able to get admissions in private medical colleges in Karnataka. 

Medical Fee Regulation – FAQs

Which courses will fee regulation be applicable to?

For now, the fee regulation committee will only look into medical courses.

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Has any bill been passed in this regard?

No, the government has only made the announcement in this regard as of now. For updates on actions taken and bills launched for fee regulation, please follow Buddy4Study.

Which states will the fee regulation be applicable on?

The medical fee regulation is only applicable to private medical colleges in the state of Karnataka.

Are government colleges also under this announcement?

No, the medical fee for government medical colleges has already been structured in such a way that it is affordable for students from all kinds of financial backgrounds. Thus, the fee regulation is only for private medical colleges in Karnataka.


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