IIT Job Placements Escalate by 40-45% in 2021, Read Statistics Below

New Delhi, 23 December, 2021: The first phase of placements across the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) concluded last week. Most of the IITs have recorded a 40-45% increase in job offers received in 2021 (as compared to 2020) and the total job offers received have also been comparatively higher.

Note: The COVID-19 pandemic implored several sectors to adapt to digitisation at a faster rate. This has given rise to an urgent need of hiring fresh talents in the technology industry. The demand for technical talent is huge and this situation has led to an active market with several opportunities for fresh talent.Β 

Here are the placement statistics for the respective IITs:

IIT Bombay – Placement Statistics

In IIT Bombay, the first phase of placements concluded on December 15 with 1,723 jobs offered. This is nearly 42% higher than 1,128 job offers made in 2020 and nearly 26.5% higher than job offers received in 2019.

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IIT Madras – Placement Statistics

In IIT Madras, 1,500 students registered themselves for placements in 2021, out of which 1,316 students received job offers (including pre-placement offers) in the first phase that ended on 10 December, 2021. It was for the first time when 73% of the batch received job offers in the first phase itself. This also consists of 45 international offers that were received in phase one of IIT placements, which is a record on its own.

IIT Delhi – Placement Statistics

In IIT Delhi, 1,250 job offers have been made this year. The average compensation offered on campus this year has shown an increase of over 20%. Around 80% of the students who showed interest in availing placement facilities during the first phase have been recruited up to now. There has been an increase of over 45% in the number of offers received by the Delhi campus during 2021 (as compared to 2020).

IIT Roorkee – Placement Statistics

In IIT Roorkee, 1,243 job offers have been made this year. Out of the 1,243 offers, 1,000 job offers were received in the first 84 hours itself. A total of 32 international job offers have also been received this year out of which 31 were received in the first 3 days.Β 

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Note: High salary-fetching job offers majorly came from core engineering sectors followed by Information Technology, Analytics, and Consulting industries. The average yearly salary also stayed above INR 25-28 lakh this year.

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