Delhi Government Guest Teacher Remuneration To Be Increased, Read More

New Delhi, 24 December, 2021: The Directorate of Education (Delhi) has decided to increase the salary of guest and contract teachers after receiving requests from a delegation of All India Guest Teachers Association (Dilli Atithi Shikshak Sangh).ย 

Delhi Deputy Chief Minister, Manish Sisodia, stated that the government has begun the process to increase the salary of the guest teachers. This step has been taken keeping in mind the factors of inflation, increased cost of living, and the financial hardship faced by families due to COVID-19.

This has been posted on Twitter, wherein Manish Sisodia mentioned that some guest teachers came to meet him to share their experiences of respect and recognition. They requested an increase in salary.ย 

Here is the tweet by the deputy CM:

All India Guest Teachers Association – Background

The demand for salary hike for guest teachers has been going on lately both in Delhi and Punjab. Guest teachers have been demanding revision of their pay and also demanding permanent jobs by sitting outside the residence of CM Arvind Kejriwal.ย 

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Moreover, Delhi has 1026 schools run by the state government and has the requirement of around 906 Principals. However, only 196 Principals are on board as of now. There is a need for 710 more.

Note: At present, there is a requirement of 64,000 teachers in Delhi and there are only 58,000 teachers working right now.ย 

About Directorate of Educationย 

  • The Directorate of Education earnestly endeavors to implement the National Policy on Education formulated in 1986 and modified in 1992.
  • It emphasizes on the fact that all children should be provided free and compulsory education up to 14 years of age.ย 
  • It aims to provide education of a comparable quality up to a given level to all students irrespective of their caste, creed, residence, or sex.ย 
  • It aims at promoting a sense of common citizenship and composite culture, and strengthening national integration.ย 
  • It emphasizes on the need for a radical transformation of the education system to improve its quality at all stages and gives much greater attention to science and technology.

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