UGC to Implement 4-Year UG Framework from Academic Session 2023-24

23 November, 2022, New Delhi: The University Grants Commission (UGC) has approved the four year undergraduate programme (FYUGP) framework that will be implemented in all the Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs). The academic framework will be executed from the next academic session of 2023-24.

The detailed information about the scheme of four-year undergraduate courses will be made public by UGC soon, informed by UGC Chairman in an interview.

Four Year Undergraduate Programme – More Details

According to UGC, these rules for the upcoming four-year undergraduate programme will be shared with all universities in the country from next week. Not only in 45 central universities, the four year UG programme will also be implemented in many other state and private universities from the upcoming academic year. According to UGC, the students who are currently enrolled in universities will also get the chance to take admission in four-year undergraduate courses.

“First or second year students in this situation have the choice to enrol in four-year undergraduate programmes if they want. However, it won’t commence until the new session, which will begin in 2023-2024. UGC would also offer different universities the leverage to create their own norms and regulations. In this regard, the academic and executive council of the universities can make necessary rules. If the university so chooses, then the final-year students may also be given a chance to enrol in 4-year undergraduate courses,” said the UGC Chairman.

The UGC chairman also gave an explanation of the significance of these adjustments, and said that if only new students were given the opportunity to enrol in the four-year undergraduate programme, the programme’s outcomes would be known in four years. On the other hand, if older students are given the opportunity to participate, the results will be visible sooner.

Four Year Undergraduate Programme – Salient Features

The salient features of of the newly announced UGC framework for UG courses are as follows:

  • The new framework will help the students to join the four-year degree programme or opt out of it according to their choice. In fact, the students who are already pursuing the three-year course will also be eligible to switch to the four-year degree programme.
  • UGC will also give liberty to different universities to make new rules and regulations.
  • After pursuing the four-year undergraduate courses, it will be compulsory for all the students pursuing two-year post-graduation or M.Phil to score at least 55 percent marks to secure admission to PhD.Β 

Four Year Undergraduate Programme – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. When will the new academic framework be applicable?

Ans. The new framework is going to be applicable from the upcoming academic session i.e. 2023-24.

2. Will it be compulsory for all the students to take admission into the four year undergraduate programme from the next academic session?

Ans. No, it will be the student’s choice to take admission in a four-year undergraduate programme. Students can opt for either a three-year or a four-year undergraduate course based on their personal choice and academic preferences.

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3. Can I opt for the four-year undergraduate course even after enrolling in a three-year undergraduate programme?

Ans. Yes, students who are already enrolled into the three-year undergraduate programme can also apply for the new four-year undergraduate course.

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