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7 July, 2022, NEW DELHI: A team of autism researchers led by Doctor Jonathan Vincent, a senior lecturer at York St. John University (United Kingdom), has developed a special employability course for students with autism. The course is designed to equip autistic graduates with important skills that could enhance their chances of getting employed. 

The name of the course is ‘Employability Skills for Autistic Students and Graduates’ and is provided free of cost. The project has been funded by Churchill Fellowship: Covid-19 Action Fund, which seeks to bring down the unemployment rate for autistic graduates. The course comprises mainly six broad areas: knowing yourself and your autism; planning your career path; sharing your diagnosis; reasonable adjustments; the interview process; and reviewing and evaluating learning. 

Interested students are advised to read the whole article to get all the relevant information about the course.

Employability Skills for Autistic Students and Graduates: Overview

Name of the Course Employability Skills for Autistic Students and Graduates
Target Group Students with Autism
Fees Free
Purpose To Boost Employment Rate in Autistic Graduates
Instructor Jonathan Vincent
Funding Organisation Churchill Fellowship: Covid-19 Action Fund
  • Knowing yourself and your autism
  • Planning your career path
  • Sharing your diagnosis
  • Reasonable adjustments
  • The interview process
  • Reviewing and evaluating learning

Employability Skills for Autistic Students and Graduates: Core Aims

This course is specially dedicated in equipping employability skills in autistic graduates with a number of core aims. They are as follows:

  • To encourage autistic graduates to consider their strengths and needs.
  • To guide them to understand the right reasonable adjustments suitable for them.
  • To enhance their ability to find employment that is in line with their interests and skills.
  • To develop their capability in securing jobs by examining interview techniques.
  •  To provide opportunities where they can test their skills by putting their learning into practice.

Employability Skills for Autistic Students and Graduates: Benefits

  • Participants will learn skills, which will assist them in finding suitable jobs.
  • Participants will learn skills to decipher job notifications and questions asked during job interviews.
  • They will get suggestions on how to disclose and share their autism diagnosis.
  • They will also receive detailed information about reasonable adjustments.
  • Participants will also get guidance in developing an action plan to maximise their employment success rate.

Employability Skills for Autistic Students and Graduates: About the Instructor

  • The instructor of this course is Dr. Jonathan Vincent.
  • Dr. Jonathan is a senior lecturer at York St. John University in the United Kingdom.
  • His research focus is “employability  for autistic students and graduates.

 Employability Skills for Autistic Students and Graduates: Content

There are a total of 7 sections in the course, accompanied by 21 lectures that will last for 1 hour and 4 minutes. Below is a detailed breakdown of the course content.


  • Introduction to the course

Knowing Yourself and Your Autism

  • Knowing yourself and your autism
  • Your autism is yours!
  • What impact does autism have for work?
  • What’s next?

Planning Your Career Path

  • Planning your career path
  • What are your skills
  • Presenting your skills to an employer
  • Applying for jobs
  • Writing a covering (or cover) letter
  • What’s next?

Sharing Your Diagnosis

  • Sharing your autism diagnosis with others
  • What’s next?

Reasonable Adjustments

  • Reasonable adjustments
  • What, who, why, when, where
  • What’s next?

The Interview Process

  • Preparing for an interview – process and questions
  • The interview – practical considerations
  • The interview day itself
  • What’s next?

Reviewing and Evaluating Learning

  • Reviewing your learning

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What is the target group of this course?

The course is designed for graduates with autism.

What is the enrollment fee for this course?

The ‘Employability Skills for Autistic Students and Graduates’ course is absolutely free of cost.

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What is the purpose of this course?

The purpose of this course is to equip autistic students with right employability skills and enhance their employment success rate.

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