Delhi Government Recruitment 2022 – 17,256 Vacancies To Be Filled Soon

Delhi Government Recruitment 2022 – The Government of Delhi has issued a dictum to its employment agencies including the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) and the Delhi Subordinates Services Selection Board (DSSSB) to fill a total of 17,256 vacancies. Of these open positions, 10,980 vacancies are to be filled within the next 3 months.

Further, UPSC and DSSSB will soon receive the request to fill up the remaining 6,276 vacancies as well. All of these positions will be filled in the A, B, and C group services. 

Delhi Government Recruitment 2022 – Overview

Total Number of Vacancies  17,256
Job Type Government Job 
Recruiting Organisation  Government of Delhi 
Agencies Involved Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) and Delhi Subordinates Services Selection Board (DSSSB) 
Vacancy Breakdown 
  • 1,518 vacancies in A group services
  • 8,902vacancies in B group services
  • 6,836 vacancies in C group services

 Delhi Government Recruitment 2022 – Details

  • The state government compiled the information on open direct recruitment positions in all categories across the various departments at the request of Chief Secretary of Delhi – Mr. Naresh Kumar.
  • After noting the openings in the government, Chief Secretary Kumar issued a directive to all departments with open direct recruitment positions to send requests to DSSSB and UPSC for filling up these positions. 
  • As per the dictum, the heads of all these departments have to provide the government a document that states that all requests have been made to the recruitment agencies.
  • UPSC and DSSSB have to then fill up these positions within the next 3 months. 
  • The departments will then start the process of filling these positions, once UPSC or DSSSB has given them the go-ahead.

Delhi Government Recruitment 2022 – Some Posts to Be Abolished

  • The posts which have not been filled for more than 2 years will be “deemed abolished” by the government during the Delhi Government recruitment 2022. 
  • New posts that have not been filled for more than 3 years from the date of their creation will be “deemed abolished” as well.
  • The concerned departments will then take appropriate measures to revive and fill these posts. 
  • This revival and filling up of positions will be done as per the recommendations made by the Administrative Reforms Department of the Delhi Government. 

Delhi Government Recruitment 2022 – What Does This Mean for Students?

The dictum issued means that several departments of the state government will soon be announcing several vacancies for freshers. Thus, candidates are requested to keep a check on the websites of UPSC, DSSSB, and other recruitment agencies for the latest developments. 

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