CBSE Term-2 Exam 2022 – Board Warns Students Against Fake News

New Delhi, 5 December 2022 – The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has recently released a notification for students appearing for CBSE Term-2 board exam 2022, warning them against the fake exam pattern news being circulated on online media platforms. The board has urged the students to not believe in the news that says there will be a change in the pattern for Term-2 exams. It further stated that any news that comes from any source other than CBSE itself is misleading and incorrect and students should only consult the official website – – for authentic news.ย 

In a public advisory, the board has stated that โ€œIt has been noticed that a few online media platforms are circulating incorrect information and confusing audiences, using expressions such as โ€˜Breaking Newsโ€™ about major exam pattern changes in class 10 and 12, Term-2 Board exams โ€ฆ It is clarified in the interest of students that the Board had [already] announced the changes in exam pattern (mentioned in circular number 51, dated 5th July 2021). Term-1 exams have already been completed and the format of exams for Term-2 is also mentioned in the same circular.โ€ย 

Note: The board also stated that Term-2 board exam 2022 dates have not been released yet and will be released soon on the official website.ย 

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CBSE Term-2 Board Exam 2022 – Reason for Public Advisory

The board released the above-mentioned public advisory after several online media platforms started circulating fake news about exam pattern changes. These fake news articles started creating unrest among the students.ย 

The impact was such that the board had to clarify its stand on exam pattern change. It released the public advisory, stating that there are no changes in the exam pattern and that students must only believe the information they receive from CBSEโ€™s official website.ย 

Note: As per CBSE, any news that does not corroborate with the official website is misleading, and must not be believed.ย 

CBSE Term-2 Board Exam 2022 – Paper Pattern

  • CBSE Term-2 board exams will be held in the months of March-April, 2022.
  • As per CBSE, Term-2 exams will include case-based, situation-based, open-ended, short answer, and long answer-type questions.ย 
  • The exams will be held for a duration of 2 hours each.

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