TN State Board Won’t Conduct Quarterly, Half Yearly Exams in 2021  

New Delhi, 14 October 2021 – Tamil Nadu’s School Education Minister, Anbil Mahesh Poyyamozhi, has declared that there will be no quarterly or half-yearly exams for state board students of Classes 10-12 for the academic year 2021-22. The announcement came because the current worldwide pandemic rendered all academic plans futile and state-affiliated schools didn’t have enough time to prepare for quarterly and half-yearly exams. Board exams, however, will be conducted during February-March 2022 as usual. 

Talking about the decision, the state’s school education minister said, “There is no time to conduct quarterly and half-yearly exams. However, the department is planning to conduct a mock exam in December to allay the fears of students about board exams and to train them.

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Tamil Nadu Schools Preparing to Reopen

Schools run by the Tamil Nadu State Board were reopened for Classes 9-12 on September 1 to prepare for smooth functioning for the rest of the year. Now, students of Classes 10 and 12 are being prepared for board exams that are scheduled for February-March next year. 

Other than that, the education department convened a meeting with the agenda to reopen schools for Classes 1-8 as well. The standard procedure which was executed to resume the functioning of Classes 9-12 will be followed for the lower classes too. Talking about the dictate, the minister said, “At the meeting today, the safety measures that should be implemented on the campuses were discussed in detail. The chief educational officers are now well-experienced about the do’s and don’ts while reopening schools. There will be surprise inspections by teams, once the schools reopen, to check whether all safety protocols are being followed.

The minister is also looking to implement other protocols based on the feedback he received after schools reopened for senior classes on September 1. “We are also asking the schools to address infrastructure damage, if any, or clean the campuses because of the rain”, he said.

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