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NTSE Result

NTSE Result – Details, Dates and Scholarship Information

by Shruti Pandey

NTSE result– The NTSE result is released twice in a year, once for the stage 1/ state level of the NTS examination which is released by different states/UTs and the second for the stage 2/National level of the examination conducted by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT). The NTS examination is a highly graded qualifying examination and is the most prestigious scheme for identifying and nurturing talented students in India. About lakhs of students take this examination every year, out of which, over a thousand scholarships are allocated to the deserving students from all over the country after the declaration of NTSE result.

Where to check the NTSE result? When can you check it? How to check it? What will be the reward if you get shortlisted? All these questions along with other necessary details have been answered in this article.

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NTSE Result – Details

NTSE Result for Stage-1

The NTSE result for stage 1 is released by the respective state of the applicant. To check the result for NTS Examination stage 1, the applicant has to be updated with the official website of the respective state government/ union territories. It is tentatively announced around the month of February and March each year. The applicants can check their scores for the examination at the official website of the state in the merit list published by them. The applicant’s name and roll number will be mentioned in the list if they have qualified for the second stage of the examination.

NTSE Result for Stage- 2

The NTSE result for stage 2 or the national level examination is provided by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) in the month of August (tentative) every year. The selected applicants from stage one appear for this examination. The students who qualify this stage are finally selected and are considered for scholarship along with an award letter and a certificate of merit. The NTSE result is declared in PDF format with the student’s name, roll number, gender, caste and father’s name mentioned in the list.


NTSE Result – How to Check?

How can you check the NTSE result? What are the details required to check the results? Will the students receive a hard copy of the result from NCERT? Find an answer to all these questions in detail in this section. Given below is a step-by-step description of how you can check the results at both the stages.

NTSE Result – State Level

Follow the steps below to check the state level NTSE result online –

Step 1- Visit the official website of the respective state government/ union territory.
Step 2- Identify and look for “NTSE result link” in the notification section of the website.
Step 3- Click on the link and you will be redirected to the merit list.
Step 4- If you are selected, you will find your name and roll number mentioned in the merit list.

NTSE Result – National Level

To check out the NTSE result at the national level, the students have to look up for the merit list issued by NCERT. Follow the steps given below to check national level results –

Step 1: Visit the official website of NCERT.
Step 2: Go to the ‘Publication’ section and click on the ‘National Talent Search Examination’.
Step 3: Click on ‘More Details’.
Step 4: A page with all recent notifications will appear. Click on ‘NTSE Stage 2 examination final result’.
Step 5: The students can now access category-wise final merit list containing the name, father’s name and roll number of the selected students.

NTSE Result – Previous Year’s Details

Every year lakhs of students appear for the NTS examination at the state level and national level which are evaluated on the basis of merit, eventually, about one-thousand students amongst those are selected for allocating scholarships. The average result in previous years has been mentioned in the table below. The qualifying percentage for the students belonging to the general category has been fixed at 40% by NCERT which can be relaxed to 32% for the other reserved categories. The qualifying marks depend on the number of candidates taking the examination and the highest and lowest marks scored by them in the respective year. They also fluctuate according to the categories of the students.

NTSE Result 2019

S.No. Category Number of students selected
1. General 1069
2. Other Backward Classes (OBC) 570
3. Scheduled Caste (SC) 309
4. Scheduled Tribe (ST) 155

 NTSE Result 2018

S. No. Category Number of students selected
1. General 777
2. Scheduled Caste 114
3. Scheduled Tribe 31

 NTSE Result 2017

S. No. Category Number of students selected
1. General 775
2. Scheduled Caste 150
3. Scheduled Tribe 50

 NTSE Result 2016

S. No. Category Number of students selected
1. General 775
2. Scheduled Caste 68
3. Scheduled Tribe 14

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NTSE Result – Important Dates

The NTSE result is tentatively announced after one month of the examination dates every year. When can you check the results of the state-level examination? When you can check the results of national level examination? What are the key dates that you should keep in mind regarding the results? Find an answer to all these questions in the table below. It highlights the important dates concerning the NTS examination and the NTSE result.

Key Dates for NTSE Result and Examination

S. No.             Event          Date (tentative)*
1. NTSE stage 1 examination First Saturday/Sunday in the month of November.
2. NTSE stage 1 answer key In the month of November.
3. NTSE stage 1 result Varies according to the state/UT.
4. NTSE stage 2 examination Tentatively in the month of April-May every year.
5. NTSE stage 2 answer key In the month of May.
6. NTSE stage 2 result In the month of August

*The dates are subject to change on the discretion of the provider.


NTSE Result – Previous year cutoffs

Unlike the dates, the NTSE cutoffs alter each and every year according to the maximum and the lowest marks scored by the candidates and the number of candidates appearing for the examination in the respective year. The students can go through the cutoffs of the previous years and predict an estimation in the academic year they plan to appear for the examination. The cutoff for the previous few years have been mentioned in the tables below:

NTSE Cut-Off 2019

S.No. Category Maximum Marks Cut-off
1. General 200 134
2. General PH1 200 69
3. General PH2 200 69
4. General PH3 200 88
5. General PH4 200 95
6. Other Backward Classes (OBC) 200 116
7. OBC PH1 200 90
8. OBC PH2 200 69
9. OBC PH3 200 91
10. OBC PH4 200 70
11. Scheduled Caste (SC) 200 105
12. SC PH1 200 87
13. SC PH2 200 0
14. SC PH3 200 68
15. SC PH4 200
16. Scheduled Tribe (ST) 200 93
17. ST PH1 200
18. ST PH2 200
19. ST PH3 200 90
20. ST PH4 200

NTSE cutoff 2018:

S. No.     Category Maximum Marks     Cutoff Marks
       1. General 197 150
       2. General – PH1 197 111
       3. General – PH2 197 78
       4. General – PH3 197 101
       5. Scheduled Caste (SC) 197 122
       6. SC – PH1 197 71
       7. SC – Ph2 197 87
       8. Scheduled Tribe (ST) 197 113
       9. ST – PH1 197 90
     10. ST – PH2 197 81
  • PH1- Orthopedic
  • PH2- Hearing Impaired
  • PH3- Visually Impaired

NTSE cutoff 2017:

S. No.     Category Maximum Marks     Cutoff Marks
1. General 143 77.00
2. Scheduled Caste 143 46.67
3. Scheduled Tribe 143 47.67
4. Physically Handicapped 143 49.33

NTSE cutoff 2016:

S. No.      Category Maximum Marks      Cutoff Marks
1. General 145 85.09
2. Scheduled Caste 145 56.43
3. Scheduled Tribe 145 52.12
4. Physically Handicapped 145 53.47

NTSE Result – Scholarship Information

Approximately 2000 scholarships are disbursed to meritorious students for different stages of education every year in the form of NTSE scholarships. The scholarships are provided effectually to students after stage 1 and stage 2 examinations. This criterion is made certain by the rigorous and long selection procedure. It is a prestigious and fair scheme providing a head-start to the needy students to continue their education. The information for the various scholarships in the scheme are mentioned below:

  • Scholarship of INR 1,250 per month for class 11th– 12th
  • Scholarship of INR 2,000 per month for undergraduates and postgraduates
  • Amount of scholarship for PhD is fixed in accordance with the UGC norms

Out of the total number of scholarships, some seats have already been reserved for students belonging to socially and economically backward classes in order to uplift them. The distribution of reservation for the NTSE scholarships has been mentioned below:

  • 15% seats reserved for the Scheduled Caste.
  • 5% seats reserved for the Scheduled Tribe
  • 3% seats reserved for the Physically challenged

NCERT does not charge any fee for the registration procedure whereas the state may ask. For Indian students studying abroad, there is no stage one examination and they are eligible for the stage two examination directly.

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NTSE Result- Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are there any reservation criteria for the scholarship?

Yes, some seats have been reserved for the scheduled caste, scheduled tribe and the physically challenged students reserving 15%, 7.5%, and 3% seats respectively for each category. Only candidates obtaining the minimum qualifying marks under these categories will be eligible for the scholarship.

Q. Can award who studies in India write the NTSE Stage 2 exam directly?

No. To appear for the NTSE Stage 2 exam, the candidate must pass the stage one examination and be recommended by the State/UT where he/she is studying.

Q. How many students get through NTSE Stage One?

There is a quota earmarked for the number of students of all the States and UTs. The State quota is calculated on the basis of student’s enrolment at the secondary level with a minimum of 10 for UTs and 25 for states.

Q. How many scholarships are awarded every year?

Approximately 2000 scholarships are disbursed by the National Council of Educational Research and Training through National Talent Search Examination every year.

Q. If a candidate is getting a fee waiver, should he/she apply for the competition?

Fee waiver/ one-time grant/subsidy in fee and residential accommodation will not make an applicant/ awardee ineligible for the NTS examination and scholarship.

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