Delhi University 2023 – Multiple Entry/Exit Scheme, 4-Year UG Courses & Academic Credit System to be Executed Under NEP

Delhi University (DU) approved the implementation of New Education Policy (NEP) from the next academic year i.e., 2022-23 at its Executive Council (EC) meeting. During the meeting, the EC also decided to re-introduce the four-year undergraduate program (FYUP) at Delhi University. This indicates that the existing MPhil program will be scrapped.

As per the NEP, after the FYUP is executed, students shall have multiple entry and exit options during the course of their programme. Moreover, Academic Bank of Credit (ABC) plan in DU will also come into effect from 2022-23.Β 

Arun Kumar Attree, member of the standing committee for Academic Council (AC) members, said, β€œThe NEP structure has been passed including FYUP, MEES, and academic bank of credit, and it will be implemented from next academic session. Yesterday, the standing committee discussed the matter for six hours and today as well, the matter was deliberated upon for two hours.”

Fact: Delhi University had previously implemented the four-year undergraduate program in 2013. However, the program was discontinued soon after under the Smriti-Irani led Human Resource Development Ministry (now called the Ministry of Education).Β Β 

Delhi University – Multiple Entry/Exit Scheme (MEES)Β 

Under the multiple entry and exit scheme, students will be able to leave and re-join their programme at various stages and receive a qualification accordingly.Β 

1. In such a case, students pursuing honours degree in science, arts, or commerce, will be given a qualification based on the number of years they spend at the university β€”Β 

  • Certificate in one year
  • Diploma in two years
  • Honours Degree in three years
  • Final Undergraduate degree (Hons. with research), if they complete the course in 4 years

2. According to the structure recommended by the NEP Implementation Committee (NIP) – 

  • In addition to the studying as per the existing course material, students pursuing honours degrees will also have to complete a language course, a social and emotional learning course, an innovation and entrepreneurship course, co-curriculars, and an ethics and culture course in the first three years of the programme.Β 
  • Students who wish to pursue a 4-year honours degree with research option will have to complete a thesis or an internship during their final year.Β 
  • Students pursuing BSc and BA degrees will have the provision to choose any one of the two subjects they studied in the first 3 years, and study 6 courses in the discipline. They will also be able to complete a research dissertation on the Major discipline of study, and an inter-disciplinary research dissertation on the Major and Minor disciplines of study.Β 
  • Studies pursuing a degree in commerce studies will have to choose one humanities or social sciences discipline, study 6 courses during their third and fourth years, and complete dissertations.Β 

Delhi University – Academic Bank of Credit (ABC)

The system of Academic Bank of Credit provides the students the opportunity to choose a combination of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary courses that is best suited to their interests and career plan. This flexible system gives the students the option to earn credits from doing non-core courses, which will then be added and saved to their academic bank to be used in other universities and colleges (in case of a student transfer).Β 

Buddy4Study - IDFC FIRST

The eligible students of other universities (registered under this academic bank of credit system) shall be provided lateral entry to DU on the basis of a valid entrance test.Β 

Note: The transfer of academic credits will only be possible within universities that are registered under the ABC system.Β 

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