CBSE Class 10 Evaluation 2023 – Read Full Details on Marks, Promotion & Result Assessment Here

In view of the rising COVID-19 cases in the country, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has issued a notification dated 01.05.2021 regarding the β€˜Policy for Tabulation of Marks for Class 10 Board Exams 2021 Based on the Internal Assessments Conducted by Schools.” The objective of the policy, as laid down by the board is – β€˜developing an unbiased and transparent academic record based on realistic evaluation of academic performance of students.’ 

CBSE Class 10 Evaluation 2021 – What will be the procedure for assessment of students?

  • Students to be accessed on a maximum of 100 marks for each subject (As per the policy of the board, 20 marks are for internal assessment and 80 marks for year-end board examination.)
  • Since the Class 10 board exams are now cancelled, the assessment shall be done on the basis of – 
    • Marks scored by the candidate in various tests/exams conducted by the school during the year
    • The marks allotted must be in agreement with the past performance of the school in Class 10 examinations
  • The internal assessment of 20 marks, on the other hand, will be allotted as per the existing policy. To read the existing policy dated March 6, 2021 on internal assessments, CLICK HEREΒ 

CBSE Class 10 Evaluation 2021 – How Each School Will Finalize the Result?

  • Every CBSE school in the country shall form a Result Committee consisting of a principal and seven teachers for finalising the results.Β 
  • Five teachers from the schools must be Mathematics, Social Science, Science, and two languages.Β 
  • Two teachers must be from neighbouring schools who have to be co-opted by the school as the external members of the Committee.Β 

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CBSE Class 10 Evaluation 2021 – How will the recording of assessment and evidence of the students’ performance take place?

  • The evidence of the performance of students in the internal tests and exams by the school have to be documented student-wise and maintained securely.Β 
  • While the schools have conducted different types and numbers of examinations, the following ones are common for all and will be used for school-based assessment – 
Category of Tests/Exams Maximum Marks
Periodic Test/Unit Test 10
Half Yearly/Mid-Term Examinations 30
Pre-Board Examinations 40
Total Marks 80

If any of the schools have conducted more than one test or exam in any of the above-mentioned categories, the Result Committee may fix the weightage to be given to each test or exam within the category subject to the overall maximum marks for that category.Β 

For example – If a school has conducted three pre-board examinations, it may decide to – 

  • Take an average of the three exams, or
  • Take the best performance out of the three exams, or
  • Give a certain weightage to each exam, as considered suitable

CBSE Class 10 Evaluation 2021 – How will the assessment be standardised?

Since the marks are to be allocated at school level, it would not be possible to compare them across schools due to the variations in the quality of question papers, the evaluation standard and processes, the mode of conduct of exams etc. Hence, to ensure standardisation, the board has directed each and every school to internally moderate the marks to account for the school level variations by using a reliable reference standard.

To get all details, refer to page 5, 6, and 7 in the attached document below.


All the schools have been advised to read the policy issued by CBSE carefully and abide by the procedure outlined within the prescribed schedule.Β 

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